Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Childhood memories

Childhood memories are really sweet. Especially when it consists of nothing but pure innocence. When things revolving around me were just simple ABC and not the tormenting DNA. When single-mindedness was not regarded a bad quality. When every intention or word is exactly what we mean.

The world does become a more complicated place as we grow up. Which is not an absolute bad thing, I must admit, for it shows that we are growing up and learning. But it is always a luxury to indulge yourself in some of our childhood memories, especially when they still manage to make u smile! Today I was in such a mood again and indeed, a lot came back to my mind. Let me just brainstorm some here....

I remember the time I pretended to be angry while my sis apologized again and again. In the end, for some reasons we both fell asleep. This was on the bed of my grandma back at her old place.

I used the melody of the Red Crescent Society song and changed the lyrics into something that talks bad about her Tunas Puteri. I made her cry haha!

During hide-and-seek, I hid behind the curtains in our hotel room. She opened the curtains and punched me (out of excitement or whatever) right in my nose. Had a nosebleed.

Being accused by all parties for hiding her 'LamLam' (codename for ther smelly, musty, aged bolster) during a trip for Singapore when it went missing and she was crying and I was laughing. Not cos i hid it ok! Cos her face was laugh-inducing.

U know the kinda dish where pork and boiled eggs are served with some really dark gravy? It caused an explosion in my house. Well, dear sis microwaved it and when she tried to break the egg.... It happened. An egg-splosion. The flying yolk, the jolting black gravy, the sudden aura (or smell haha) of egg in the air, the shiveringly eerie scream from my sis and my frozen look of awe. After that? A yolk-and-black-gravy splattered pancake face with a look of amazement and a semi-paralyzed laughing me on the floor.

Me falling down the last few flight of stairs in kindergarten on my butt. Normal rite? Then pretending nothing happened, despite all the snickering. So wat!

Thinking I looked damn cool on the first day I wore spectacles. A pair of super-gold rimmed, duper round, glasses. Cool. Agree la, can u?

Hmmm...that's all for now i guess...

Although life got harder now, my brain capacity is forced to be enlarged, waking up in the morning seems to be tougher and a love-hate relationship developed between me and DNA, I still think it is great.

The inside jokes I know are piling up real fast.
A lot of people in my life make me laugh.
I appreciate and celebrate lameness as long as it brings fun.
The many humourous moments continue to brigthen my life.

So, life is still great ya.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

PoPo Sang Chow Wong, Nei Jui Gai Geh Shun Zak

Meeting up with high school buddies are always fun. The inside jokes that never go out of style. The limitless teasing sessions. Countless reminiscencing of embarassing moments. Back to the Past gossiping. And so much more. Just the familiar faces!

Particularly Mr PoWah, who was so so generous as to share with us his scariest dream of all time. Which I termed scariest dream and not as a nightmare for really, erm understandable reasons.

In his dream, there was a kettle of boiling water which made the sound whee whee whee as an alert. So PoWah had to run to turn off the fire. And the alert sound was getting really rapid and out of control. But PoWah could not turn it off no matter what and he started feeling anxious, frustrated and really SCARED.

Then he woke up from the dream and found himself in terrible need of the toilet. So much so that any minute longer, his bladder could betray his dignity as an adult now. Now this is a MEANINGFUL dream.

Then there is the other where he dreamt a whole FRESH (or so he said) commercial idea about of all thing, soy sauce. For people who knows PoWah, surely u remember the imaginary product of his PoPo Sang Chou Wong (PoPo Soy Sauce King) rite? Well, he told us everything, the plot, the music, the catchphrase of his commercial...but the funniest part was when he said, "So when I woke up, I tot 'Sei lor, could it be i am actually very gifted in the advertising field?".

Ok, let us dissect this statement. "Sei lor"? - I sense tons of sarcasm and the egoistic, thick faced side of PoWah. But it was really funny.

I passed by a florist today and remembered of a childish thing I had last time when I was really really young. I used to think that if a guy buys me a *particular* type of flower, that would be my lou gung for sure. Hm, how cute rite? Seeing that during my youngest aunty's wedding, she actually chose those same flowers for that day. This tot actually came when I see roses appearing in all romantic intended scenes of TVB dramas. Well, these dramas practically ruled that era in my life. So I tot if he could guess what flowers to give me despite me never telling him, then he must be the ONE!

Wish things are as simple as that. But now, I think flowers are really sweet stuffs to receive. Although they seem impractical, or temporary, but the sense of appreciation and surprise are always nice! I am begining to love flowers! Maybe the excess of plant related subjects lately? Maybe.

Wouldnt it be nice to receive flowers of all kinds from all around the world?
I want a Rafflesia from UK, Choo.

As we approach the ending, kindly let us remind u of our sponsor for today:
- PoPo Sang Chau Wong, Nei Jui Gai Geh Shun Zak.
- PoPo Seng Chou Wang, Ni Jui Jia De Shuen Ze.
- PauPau Sang Chiu Wong, Ngi Zui Gai Ai Shuen Zak.
- PoPo Soy Sauce King, Your Best Choice.
- PoPo Raja Kicap, Pilihan Terbaik Anda.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cannot Click

Today I was sitting in the library, totally bored and reluctant to read up, I started searching my mind for memories. At this moment I discovered something about Steve.

There are times when he just cannot CLICK to the topic everyone else is having.
Maybe he is too into his own little world of Hikki.
Or maybe he is too into practicing his Jim Carrey antics.
Or maybe he is just Slow To Understand Possibilities in Darkness? (Baka back at u)

Here are some case studies:

1) Sometime in Sunway Lagoon, topic on our friend, Tan. Then suddenly...

Steve: Eh, u guys remember last time in primary school or not?
Everyone: Huh? What is it?
Steve: There is this the '3 Musketeers" label, remember? There were Victor, CheeSing and...

At this point, everyone was expecting him to say Tan cos the topic was on TAN. But -

Steve: Me.

There was dead silence and multiple SWEATs. Attempt to find the connection with the original topic failed.
And Choo spitted out the water in his mouth across the table.

2) In Steve's house, Chinese New Year. The topic was on Ghosts....

Someone: The toilet was actually haunted! It scared the one using the toilet so badly!
Steve: Actually, my toilet too...

At this point, I kinda froze. I don't remember whether it is cause I used the toilet earlier on. But I froze n really considered cutting ties with Steve. The atmosphere became....tense.

Steve: ...the last time an aunty of mine stepped into the toilet and looked into the toilet bowl..
Everyone: *Silence and tension*
Steve: A frog jumped out and scared her so badly!!!

Where is the connection, people?
Okay, we were talking abt scary stuffs and about toilets. But, ...........Sigh.

3) Just now, MSN. We were talking about Harry Potter and then about something else. But...

*Stephen^ No Music, No Life~~ says:
u talking about the book or wat?

*Stephen^ No Music, No Life~~ says:
or u just changed the subject

hIkArI* Peter Petrellli is everywhere....? says:
changed subject la

It is a bit SWEAT-inducing at most of the times.
But, u get used to it.
I am sure Steve will deny.
And Choo will support.
But since I wrote this statement out, Choo will purposely go against me and support Steve.

This is the tangled friendship we share.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Collage of Life

Ski Trip Buzz is running high over there again! And somehow, it made memories sprinting back to me as well. A lot of people I am missing now. And the lame moments suddenly become treasures. So here are the classic shots, of some important people. Shots we are not aware of!

Such beautiful memories!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dark Angel

But not ala Jessica Alba.

Seems like I have a bit of a bad luck aura. Elaine lost her wallet and phone in Bdr Sunway while with me and WanRu. And now, Chew Bee lost hers as well, while with...........me alone. Which led me to check again of past happenings. Steve never had a day of ease ever since getting close to me, and Choo just checked in to become a driver of mine. Oh dear, I might really be fuelling out bad luck lately!

So now I am suffering as a payback for what I did to others. I ate near 10 pm and am sleepy now. Should i give in to my inner voice or determine to battle my tummy bulge? One should always remain oneself and show you true colours. Listen to your inner voice.

I just grasped another important lesson in life. Inner voice rules.

Like my Peter Petrelli. Hoho.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Bad to Good

Bad to Good

Everything bad will come to an end. That itself is actually good enough. What more when the ending is actually something REAL GOOD?

1) My typing error skills amaze even myself. The high frequency of it, the impossible to read words, the extent of alphabet shuffling, and overall - the pathetic beauty of it. Here are a few experiments. Ok, i type this sentence in full speed.

"A frog jumped acorss a 100 metere lake and then diwe drownng in the water. Duck then eate it happilyand exploded cos of cholestorl".

Oh the embarrassment. The original sentence should be:

"A frog jumped across a 100 metre lake and then died drowning in the water. Duck then ate it happily and exploded cos of cholesterol".

Now u get the picture CLEAR i suppose. So I was trying to type "shopping" today in a sentence to describe how crazed me and Elaine were about Megasale. I ended up with "shoppig". In that very moment, I realize what a discovery it was. Instead of 'shopping', 'Shoppig' is much much more suitable. In the eye of a genius, 'shoppig' will become: Shop-Pig. Isn't it?

I am a Shop-Pig.

2) I found a good good bestest of the best of the very very excellent friend in Mr Sylar Steve today! I deny the quiz he did which showed him most similar to Hiro. Btw, it mentioned me being most similar to Peter *ahem* (Oh gosh....). It was my bad for pretending to be angry over s BIG thing, haha. So I was full on with sarcastic remarks and pretention of anger. Must have done a good job cos even the almighty prankster fell for it. The experience was so refreshing. Finally I am in the bullying role. But then despite all those he is actually such a great guy!

Found a fren through sarcasm and pretentious actions.

3) A badly planned failed trip from last year is picking up! And this time, it looks real CLOSE to coming true. REAL CLOSE. Cannot wait for it! It is like looking at the burning charcoals in a BBQ pit, with 19483 hungry people.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

To and Fro

Tomorrow will officially be the day where I exercise most ever since returning here for the week. Why? Oh it is just that I have to walk to and fro from the new and a LOT further Monash Campus to my dear home, for like hmmm.....2 times? In a day, for 3 lectures. Isn't that cute? Girls are sometimes so adorable in a sense that they make clumsy little plans for more journeys than needed and then laughs shyly at her own mistake. But believe me, the harsh reality is not that heart warming. After all this is not a Kotex advertisement.

So why? Why travel 2 times to darling uni for 3 baby lectures? Why? Why is that so?

Because finally someone is coming to fix the Snoring Pig, namely my air conditioner. But oh dear! He could only make it between 1 pm and 4 pm! I have 1-hour lectures separately from 8-9 am, 11-12 pm and 5-6 pm. So I must make sacrifices. I weighed all possible paths carefully.

1) Skip the 8-9 am and 11-12pm lectures since both of them are 'useless' as quoted from MAJORITY of my seniors in both units. And I trust my friends.

2) Return home after the 11-12 pm lecture, and don't return for the 5-6 pm lecture. But this lecture is The Unskippable. What if he Glucocorticoid me again?

3) Get up EARLY, way EARLY to go for the 8-9 am lecture, return home after the 11-12 pm lecture, then return uni by 5 pm for another lecture before dragging myself back home again. This I can attend all lectures! And get my air cond fixed. Isn't this the perfect plan? But, talk about reluctance. Please.

In the end, I chose option 3. Cos Miss PKN suggested that she walk with me. Angelic? No. It is the lure of Medan food (how lowly have we become to be 'lured' by Medan food. Medan food!!) and to be able to lepak at her own house doing laundry. So I will take the shuttle bus at 7.30 am then take the bus home at 12.40 pm then walk back to uni at 4.30 pm and walk back home at 6 pm. It just makes me love Monash more.

I learnt something from all these. The Trade of Equivalence in Full Metal Alchemist is right. Nothing can come out of nothing. To gain something, you must give something equivalent in return. So, to rid an air conditioner that snores louder than me throughout the night, I must give up some time, effort, energy, sweat, happiness. Animes are educational. Ah, everything seems right again.

List of people to thank today:

Teru - bringing calmness and hope for me in life
WenJi - for the cute little postcard with the big egoistic contents written in it (haha)
Wan Ru - for dressing up sexily
TopShop - for having a delicious sale
Lee Chia - for all the Heroes Graphic Model and calling me Mrs Petrelli

Monday, July 16, 2007

New Campus Starvation and Blog Reviews

There was a hunt for food, real food in the spanking new Monash Campus today. I became totally carnivorous in my mind, as my salivary glands switched to overdrive when i imagined Kenny Rogers. And when I open my eyes, a RM 2.30 bun. The task was done by 3 minutes. When eating means nothing never rang this true. I was frantically searching for some real food but to no avail. And guess what. I bought 2 breads for tomorrow's journey, PKN copied me (I really think so). But damn it, we lost to Su-ee. She bought 6. Enough for the whole army of hungry Monashians. Can't wait to see the variety!! Haha.

"Wah, now you can really diet lo, Loretta...." - PKN. Ceh.

But the new campus is really something. For it reminds me a lot about last year. Hm, especially the library. Thebright red mini sofas, walls of green and grey, the slight noisiness and so on. As I sat there, I suddenly remembered the time I sat in Hargrave (almost typed Harvard, hoho) on a Sunday afternoon. Amy sat with her legs folded up and shoes off as usual. Wenji became a drifter around the computer area as usual. Siew Chin all dressed up for studying and cold jokes ready as usual. Olivia late and still tried to act cute as usual. It is nice to have so many 'as usuals'. We got used to each others' company. Loved it too.

The lecture theatres were kinda similar as well. Not that I mind! They are just so much more larger and cooler looking! I was so motivated to study!! Seriously... But I fell asleep during my very first lecture. A good sign of a prosperous semester ahead. The cafeteria is real BAD though. BAD. WORST. WRETCHED. Do you get the picture?

But overall, I kinda like this new place. Cooler!

Lately, I have been reading a lot of my friends' blogs. And here is a quick review:

A very cold style of humour in his blogs wherre u just go SWEAT. In a sarcastic and 'wat the' kinda way. Occassionally meaningful in a confusing way, mostly loaded with crap. Hm, showing a lot of his true colours definitely. And wat is more in his blog other than crap? Well, any true Steve friend would know FOR SURE. If not (more like 'or else!!'), you better stay away from him from now on. It is always Hikki Hikki Hikki. Sometimes I wonder if he secretly harbours love for my alter ego, Hikari by loving the other Hikki (Utada Hikaru). Please don't make me say that again, Steve.

"I realized lately I kept buzzing people up in MSN giving them links to videos in YouTube. But then I realized I might be annoying them by sending them too much links..." - Steve.

"Hmmm..... What to write....erm...I mean type... I mean.. whatever" - Steve.

Her blog is filled with fantasy style writing depicting things happening in her life, her mind and just pretty much anything. And trademark of Amanda, is the ocassionally exaggerated lines! I could just imagine her facial expressions and gestures, when I read those lines! Imagine a highly animated hyperactive Tweety Bird. And since it deals with her thinking, expect ocassional laughs thrown in at sometimes, very random areas. SWEAT. But haha.

"Typical guy-classifications. They just don't like anything that they dont understand." - Amanda.

"I've been some kind of blog-haunter lately. Thats rite. HAUNTER. I don't hunt. I haunt. I haunt people's blog everyday" - Amanda.

"Yeah, it happens everytime with everyone I go yumcha with. Its begining to form a pattern. Everything is positively "like that lo" in my life. Why eh?" - Amanda.

Hmmmm..... Her blog gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Just like a little animal which is innocent, cute, shy and definitely not a rat, mouse, hamster or guinea pig. Cos it is simple and lovable. Basically about everyday stuffs she sees. It is funny to see she has her weird sides as well!! Well covered weirdness.... For example, she papparazi-ed some pigeons at the old campus and made it into a small life story of the now famous pigeons. Fooled countless shop owners in One Utama into letting her parade their clothes and snap pics. Maybe this is why I like her blog! Simplicity masking her hidden quirkiness!

"It is about the World’s Ugliest Dog. The dog’s name is Elwood, and he (yes, it is a male)" - Cheryl.

"Yeah, you know... we usually dun understand what Mr.Bean is talking about in his shows right? Oh well, that was exactly what happened in his lectures!! " - Cheryl.

"I am so tired and sleepy now but I refuse to sleep. LoL. Since I missed my hokkien drama just now, I will stay up to watch it later" - Cheryl.

This is a pig who enjoys trash talking celebs, gossipping about all creatures on Earth, publicizing her enormous mood swings, and posting over the top drama induced news. Check the dates people. This is a blogger who blogs like residents of The Day After Tomorrow. Totally random posts with very nasty humour which might not appeal to innocent sweet tooths, like me (visualize my smile, and try not to puke). Enjoy the humour in it, without taking it too much to the heart. Dr Hikari advice. Cool ne?

"Every girl has been through the stage when she drools over every pig she sees" - Lowena.

"Imagine running all the day from one block to another block just because you heard a couple shouted at each other." - Lowena.

This is a total RANDOM blog! You never know what to expect for the next post or even, for the next sentence in the same post. Usually they are things that make you laugh your head off while your detaached head continues laughing on the floor. Elmo style. Or they'll be things that you never thought about before, drawing a grin of disbelief which can look retarded at times on ur face. I wonder how his mind works really. How he picks total random, and of such small details of things in his life to write about. Seriously! I love reading ur blog. Your randomness damn yeng, man.

"You know those transgender guys who grow boobies on their chests using female hormone pills? Maybe, just maybe, male hormone pills might just grow a mustache on me!! I alwayz wanted a mustache like the Chinese General" - JingWen

"Odd things you tend to do when you are alone and HIGHLY stressed:
1.) You tend to sing along to emo music, especially My Chemical Romance. And also, in a higher pitch, you know, to vent out the stress.
2.) You tend to take silly pictures of anything. Like this >>>> <<<<<>>>>>which has no significant meaning at all.
5.) Tend to make lame jokes, but since you are alone, you'll have to laugh at it yourself too. It doubles the happiness. :D
....Luckily, the piano anchors me. I love it. I'm naming it Kyoko Fujiwara..... you tend to give names to your possessions too." - JingWen.

"As the exams are approaching, it is almost customary that I seek 'guidance' from the Tarot" -JingWen.

"Something unusual happened @ the camp:
1. I named my futon Noriko Hasegawa." - JingWen.

"So, the only solution was to do my laundry in the bathtub... Stepping on a tub full of clothes is kinda therapeutic. I bet this is why people in the old days were so peaceful" - JingWen.

"It consists on 4 HarGaos and 4 SiuMais. At the beginning of the packet, we are contented with either HarGao or SiuMai because both are abundant. It is hard to choose which one to eat 1st mid-way. IF, i choose to devour the HarGao 1st, there will be an excess of 1 extra SiuMai compared to the total amount of HarGaos. WHICH brings me to the conclusion of life is full of choices, HarGaos and SiuMais, determine the course of time, and life" - JingWen.

"21 is usually the prime time for young people. Being 22 is like being declared 'no longer at prime', shit!But, according to the 'Periodic Table of Elements', 22 is Ti (Titanium). So, least being 22 still has its cool 'elements'. haha~" - JingWen.

Check them out y'all!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


This word reminds me of Dennis.

"Pride hou hou tei ah... Mok Chuen hou yeng zhai ah....."
But then that is not the point of this post! (Hurls Dennis out of my mind.)

There is this barrier in me stopping me from doing something I really wish to or want to or even, think I should in all rights. You know it is strong when it keeps bugging your mind, like the Dennis-Pride thing but this is different in that I cannot just toss it out.

Once semester starts, perhap I'll be too caught up in my work (as usual) to let it bother me any longer? Hm, problem is, this time I don't wish to just forget about it. The feeling of looking on as something is developing into a problem. Helpless at how distant it seem despite everything involved being so near to me. Clueless as to what to do to ease the tension in myself.

Approaching my twenties (or approached, it doesn't really matter, ne?), really gave me different outlooks in life. I learnt the importance of caring for the ones I love. Family, friends, and people who just deserve the best. Learnt to identify the different ways others use to convey their care to me as well. Dad buys me grapefruits before he goes outstation always, although he himseld despises everything grapefruit. Small things like this can make one really happy, but can also be easily missed and be taken for granted. If this happens, you are just losing out of so much in life. So it is important to appreciate all little things in life.

So why not let go of some pride?
Show that you care. Make things right in this world.
Easier said than done.
Ho hee.

Actually what is so hard about telling the truth?
Being vulnerable sometimes despite knowing it might help?
To show your true feelings?

Somehow, the words I wish to say, the actions I intend, everything. Remains bottled up inside of me. Guarded by angst due to mixed emotions of disappointment, fear, anger and frustration. This is the barrier I guess.
And I am weak for not being able to overcome it.

Why can't I be more mature and act for the best of the situation?
Why am I so weakened by this thing called pride?
I hate all these.

A lot of people suffer because of pride. But that doesn't mean I should.
But that doesn't mean I won't.
For now, at this moment, I am suppressed and suffocating because of my stupid pride. And I might just regret this stupid decision of mine very soon. Weak.

Suddenly I feel young for battling with my inner self as most teenagers do! Haha. I'll try my best.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Today was a rollercoaster ride~!

First of all, returning from Sandakan became a bigger deal to me, since with each departure, my chances of returning there decreases. This is harsh reality, as I really don't mind spending everyday doing nothing, loitering at the same place, crapping about the same topic with the same people and just being plain Sandakanian. This is a place you call Home, I guess!

My progress with FF12 is not a proud one. This is the only regret!! And I practically lived like an elderly ......sleeping before 10.30 every nite, waking up at 7, eating junks all day. I almost talked like my mum. But then again, it is nice to know that me and my mum getting closer although we are quite far apart. That's why, never ever underestimate the power of 'kepo'ness, 8-ness, CARE, whatever u call it! Whoever is in need of the recipe, just as me hoho.

Being the emo I am, I almost cried on the plane. Missing my mum and the others, mixed feelings about leaving, uneasy over business unattained to and so on until a greasy haired Malay guy sat beside me. Poof! All feelings gone and disgust emerged! I am not being mean here! It is just! He was reading Bleach which was attracting me but his hair was REPULSING me! But, I was able to resist the temptation. So I settled in to sleep,....far from him. To wake up to a greasy head less than 2cm from my shoulder. Oh!! The horror, the shock, the greasiness....

But my Dad came to fetch me! Which is good! Cos I actually came back with more stuff thanks for dear cute Mum. But I snatched a lot of stuffs from my mum! Clothes, shoes, wahahaha! And with these stuffs come earlier mornings of pondering what to wear and the excitement of endless choices, which will end with the familiar i-have-nothing-to-wear within........2 weeks! But for now, yay!

I sprained my knee as well, during unpacking which can be equated making peace of a war between two nations. A sacrifice for peace. My Dad made me go for a chiropractor. Went through a gruelling session of massage. Massage: A sweet name for torture. It hurts so badly. But I finally get the chance to wear a knee-protector! Never had the chance to do so, since I am retarded in sports! So Yay for knee protector!

It was nice to see WenJi, Amy, Shirley and Olie jus now. Ok, it was jus from webcam but then it was fun. Reminds me of the many nice times we spent together in totally un-meaningful ways. Oh, the beauty of it.

And it is always nice to know you have friends who you can count on for a deep talk. This might sound ironic, cos I am really relating deep talk to Steve, the Crap King. To make it more Ironic, Choo the Pig Talk. I feel a sense of confusion flooding my mind rite now. A Crap King and Pg Talker for deep conversations? But that is the truth. Me, the Innocent Lady, having deep talks with these 2? Ok, it is the truth. They make me happy! They are really nice,............. sometimes. Erm, at rare occassions. Yeah, that is better.

There is something making me every uneasy rite now. Sometimes things dun go the way u wan it to. Teru said this as well!! So it must be true. Haha. Lame. Erm ok, I dun expect everything, everyone to go or do things my way. That is why, people face disappointment and learn to deal with it. Easier said than done. But almost always, things come to a good end. That is all that matters i guess. Now, I just have to endure the journey!

Time to shower! Late cos i had to wait 2 hrs before my injury can touch water!