Sunday, July 29, 2007

PoPo Sang Chow Wong, Nei Jui Gai Geh Shun Zak

Meeting up with high school buddies are always fun. The inside jokes that never go out of style. The limitless teasing sessions. Countless reminiscencing of embarassing moments. Back to the Past gossiping. And so much more. Just the familiar faces!

Particularly Mr PoWah, who was so so generous as to share with us his scariest dream of all time. Which I termed scariest dream and not as a nightmare for really, erm understandable reasons.

In his dream, there was a kettle of boiling water which made the sound whee whee whee as an alert. So PoWah had to run to turn off the fire. And the alert sound was getting really rapid and out of control. But PoWah could not turn it off no matter what and he started feeling anxious, frustrated and really SCARED.

Then he woke up from the dream and found himself in terrible need of the toilet. So much so that any minute longer, his bladder could betray his dignity as an adult now. Now this is a MEANINGFUL dream.

Then there is the other where he dreamt a whole FRESH (or so he said) commercial idea about of all thing, soy sauce. For people who knows PoWah, surely u remember the imaginary product of his PoPo Sang Chou Wong (PoPo Soy Sauce King) rite? Well, he told us everything, the plot, the music, the catchphrase of his commercial...but the funniest part was when he said, "So when I woke up, I tot 'Sei lor, could it be i am actually very gifted in the advertising field?".

Ok, let us dissect this statement. "Sei lor"? - I sense tons of sarcasm and the egoistic, thick faced side of PoWah. But it was really funny.

I passed by a florist today and remembered of a childish thing I had last time when I was really really young. I used to think that if a guy buys me a *particular* type of flower, that would be my lou gung for sure. Hm, how cute rite? Seeing that during my youngest aunty's wedding, she actually chose those same flowers for that day. This tot actually came when I see roses appearing in all romantic intended scenes of TVB dramas. Well, these dramas practically ruled that era in my life. So I tot if he could guess what flowers to give me despite me never telling him, then he must be the ONE!

Wish things are as simple as that. But now, I think flowers are really sweet stuffs to receive. Although they seem impractical, or temporary, but the sense of appreciation and surprise are always nice! I am begining to love flowers! Maybe the excess of plant related subjects lately? Maybe.

Wouldnt it be nice to receive flowers of all kinds from all around the world?
I want a Rafflesia from UK, Choo.

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