Friday, July 20, 2007

Bad to Good

Everything bad will come to an end. That itself is actually good enough. What more when the ending is actually something REAL GOOD?

1) My typing error skills amaze even myself. The high frequency of it, the impossible to read words, the extent of alphabet shuffling, and overall - the pathetic beauty of it. Here are a few experiments. Ok, i type this sentence in full speed.

"A frog jumped acorss a 100 metere lake and then diwe drownng in the water. Duck then eate it happilyand exploded cos of cholestorl".

Oh the embarrassment. The original sentence should be:

"A frog jumped across a 100 metre lake and then died drowning in the water. Duck then ate it happily and exploded cos of cholesterol".

Now u get the picture CLEAR i suppose. So I was trying to type "shopping" today in a sentence to describe how crazed me and Elaine were about Megasale. I ended up with "shoppig". In that very moment, I realize what a discovery it was. Instead of 'shopping', 'Shoppig' is much much more suitable. In the eye of a genius, 'shoppig' will become: Shop-Pig. Isn't it?

I am a Shop-Pig.

2) I found a good good bestest of the best of the very very excellent friend in Mr Sylar Steve today! I deny the quiz he did which showed him most similar to Hiro. Btw, it mentioned me being most similar to Peter *ahem* (Oh gosh....). It was my bad for pretending to be angry over s BIG thing, haha. So I was full on with sarcastic remarks and pretention of anger. Must have done a good job cos even the almighty prankster fell for it. The experience was so refreshing. Finally I am in the bullying role. But then despite all those he is actually such a great guy!

Found a fren through sarcasm and pretentious actions.

3) A badly planned failed trip from last year is picking up! And this time, it looks real CLOSE to coming true. REAL CLOSE. Cannot wait for it! It is like looking at the burning charcoals in a BBQ pit, with 19483 hungry people.

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