Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Childhood memories

Childhood memories are really sweet. Especially when it consists of nothing but pure innocence. When things revolving around me were just simple ABC and not the tormenting DNA. When single-mindedness was not regarded a bad quality. When every intention or word is exactly what we mean.

The world does become a more complicated place as we grow up. Which is not an absolute bad thing, I must admit, for it shows that we are growing up and learning. But it is always a luxury to indulge yourself in some of our childhood memories, especially when they still manage to make u smile! Today I was in such a mood again and indeed, a lot came back to my mind. Let me just brainstorm some here....

I remember the time I pretended to be angry while my sis apologized again and again. In the end, for some reasons we both fell asleep. This was on the bed of my grandma back at her old place.

I used the melody of the Red Crescent Society song and changed the lyrics into something that talks bad about her Tunas Puteri. I made her cry haha!

During hide-and-seek, I hid behind the curtains in our hotel room. She opened the curtains and punched me (out of excitement or whatever) right in my nose. Had a nosebleed.

Being accused by all parties for hiding her 'LamLam' (codename for ther smelly, musty, aged bolster) during a trip for Singapore when it went missing and she was crying and I was laughing. Not cos i hid it ok! Cos her face was laugh-inducing.

U know the kinda dish where pork and boiled eggs are served with some really dark gravy? It caused an explosion in my house. Well, dear sis microwaved it and when she tried to break the egg.... It happened. An egg-splosion. The flying yolk, the jolting black gravy, the sudden aura (or smell haha) of egg in the air, the shiveringly eerie scream from my sis and my frozen look of awe. After that? A yolk-and-black-gravy splattered pancake face with a look of amazement and a semi-paralyzed laughing me on the floor.

Me falling down the last few flight of stairs in kindergarten on my butt. Normal rite? Then pretending nothing happened, despite all the snickering. So wat!

Thinking I looked damn cool on the first day I wore spectacles. A pair of super-gold rimmed, duper round, glasses. Cool. Agree la, can u?

Hmmm...that's all for now i guess...

Although life got harder now, my brain capacity is forced to be enlarged, waking up in the morning seems to be tougher and a love-hate relationship developed between me and DNA, I still think it is great.

The inside jokes I know are piling up real fast.
A lot of people in my life make me laugh.
I appreciate and celebrate lameness as long as it brings fun.
The many humourous moments continue to brigthen my life.

So, life is still great ya.

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