Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Extinction and humans

Today I tot of so many things I wanna write that I kinda was left in a dilemma as to wat to write first! I wanted to tell about all the surprise parties I planned and had, the various weird perks of some frens, and even to show some before-after pics of some interesting specimens haha.

But then suddenly, something interrupted these tots of mine. Well, I was 'studying really hard with max concentration' in the Fridge. All of a sudden, there was this real enormous burst of passion from Miss Cheryl. Well, along with the initial passion, came a bit of, really tiny bit of angst.

Well, it all started when I picked up a book about endangered species in the library. And by doing this, I probably disrupted the originally peaceful world of the innocent book as it had to endure increasingly aggressive (or more like PASSIONATE) page flipping, spatters of saliva from all the debate, weird touching all around (especially on pages with cute furry animals), and not a moment of silence from the heated discussion about animal cruelty.

Extent of heat in discussion?
"I hope a killer whale will just go and spank all of them up!" - from tiny-voiced Cheryl.

I guess everyone hopes for the best for all creatures on Earth. It is just sometimes we get so caught up in our own interest or in surviving in this increasingly tough world that, we forget to care of the things around us. Maybe we are just walking too fast and our hands are just too busy to take a moment to notice and to offer help.

I am one myself. I always feel sorry for the animals for the fact tat we humans are dictating their fates most of the time. For the trees that are harmless and defenseless against the sharp saws we created. For the water that was not appreciated for. For the future generation that might never learn of the smell of fresh air. For the conservational biologists who must have faced endless failures in an attempt to save all of us.

Imagine if our children have to 'see' animals through the pages of books. No matter how extensive the information there is, it is never enough.

Imagine if water has to be generated from technological means in BIG factories. No matter how advance intellectually it might prove humans of, we will be the biggest fools for losing our granted source of survival.

Imagine when the only plants you see are in huge glass containers displayed in museums. No matter how futuristic the design is to satisfy our artsy side, it will just be a forest of concrete and greyness outside.

All these thoughts are really scary and pathetic. Everytime this comes to my mind, I cringe and feel guilty. For I am not really doing anything to help at all. Despite knowing enough about the damage, the consequences, why am i still doing nothing? Reports, tests, exams, socializing with friends, wasting my life with repetitious TV shows. I could have taken some time for this.

It is hard enough to survive in this world. In order to do this, guess all of us became a bit selfish without ourselves being aware of it. The business of everyday. I cannot say that I wholly blame humans. For we are also, just trying to survive. Rather than playing the blame game, just do something. Anything. I believe everyone makes a difference. Just by talking today, I found out so much about animals and how much I would not want extinction to happen again.

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