Friday, August 10, 2007

For the Love of Glucose

Today we had to do a brief practical on the influence of glucose on our body. Started out as a quite boring-sounding practical which I was not at all looking forward to especially on such a nice Friday! Nevertheless, being matured and responsible, I attended it despite not being able to finish my so called dried-up scone in time. Sounds bad?
Well, not as bad as my fellow SUBJECTS of the practical Amanda, Su-ee and Shene Yin, who had to endure around 8 hours of starvation for our practical! But then, since the selection of subjects was decided by fate, there must be a reason behind the luck of being the chosen ones! And indeed, they were TESTS arranged by the tricky hands of fate to challenge and strengthen the mind and determination of us humans.
Amanda was allocated the task of remaining in a resting phase after the consumption of glucose. What do u mean it s easy? U really think it is? No. Not for Amanda. Where was she to stuff all her hyper-activity, restlessness, panicky stints, rants, gossips, 'prancing around's, excessive speeech accompanied hand motions, elastic facial expressions? *phew* So think again, is resting really mere RESTING? If you are doubtful still, look at these and feel them with your heart.

To avoid all the distraction around her. To remain calm and thoughtful. To sacrifice for good experimental results.

Can you feel the will and strength in this image?

During times like these, you learn about the truth in friends and foes. Or PKNs.

Courage. Determination. Faith.
I hope we all learnt this through these pictures.
Ironically, a Tiger saved Amanda from the wretched situation she was put in and from the evil feats of PKN and some sympathetic laughter, teases and snickers from me. Again ironically, her results were cancelled out, despite her being the most pricked person hoho.

Su-ee always gives an impression of being tough and indestructable by telling the most disgusting jokes or statements at the most inappropriate times, such as meal times. Go figure, wat kinda disgustment I am trying to convey here. So this time, a challenged was really granted before her. She was to be put into a Cold Room after 8 hours of starvation and some glucose consumption.
Being the warrior she is, Su-ee brought a real thick and furry jumper. Whatever the evil, she is to win! But no matter how warrior she is, she was really in a no-win situation. It wasn't a Cold Room. It was a Giant Fridge. 4 degrees. And then we got our exclusive world preview of Su-ee ranting about it! Woohoo!

Staying in there must be tough. With 3 other merely friends kinda people. A lab manual which was freezing. And some laughing lab mates a rooms away from u. With the chilling environment, she learnt about the cold harsh society. But within the next 2 hours, she realized how much she actually loved her friends (for releasing her from the fridge). And I personally think, along with Professor PKN's opinion that coldness can actually drive a person high, or slightly delusional. Subject: Su-ee.

See this rare screen capture of der Su-ee's HAPPY face when she saw us and was released from the GIANT FRIDGE.

As there were 6 person in our lab group and I was busy recording all the ins and outs of this special event in all our lives *ahem*, naturally, there are some 'mou liu' or 'extras' during this practical. Not joking and here is the proof.

That was our extra! Haha.
Who is it? Won't tell u.
Hint: P*N. Can guess? (Hohoho!)
When i think of glucose, it reminds me of sugar and then to Arun. The man who is forever with a milkshake, a cake, hot chocolate, plain chocolates, cookies, ice creams, and everything sweet. The man who never gains any weight from all these. The man I envy and am learning to despise! Be careful u!

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