Monday, August 27, 2007

Once upon a September

IF Once Upon a December, reminds you of heavenly melodies, tingling piano notes. (Okay, that was ChunMing version, but allow me to promote it ONCE again. You are now a click away from a BEAUTIFUL DECEMBER)

THEN Once Upon a September, will never let you forget of its terrorizing grips of off-key notes. At least for me.

If you want a reason, just check out my little FUN timetable below, which a combinatorial creation from all my beloved lecturers in Monash Malaysia :)

27 Aug - Genomics Report (17.5%) [32 pages of sweat]
28 Aug - Crop Science Report (5%)
3 Sept - Genomics Essay (15%)
7 Sept - Crop Science Field Trip (8 am morning breeze)
- Physio Test (10%)
- Physio Report (5%)
10 Sept - Plant Biotech Test (25%)
12 Sept - Plant Biotech Report (2%) [Isn't this sweet of them? Aww....]
14 Sept - Physio Presentation (5%)
17 Sept - Plant Biotech Presentation (5%) [I am going to sue someone regarding this issue]

Aren't they sweet to allow us a maximum of 4 days in between each assignment?

You can't really blame me for thinking myself as a celebrity from time to time. Afterall, at least I have a timetable to match. And not to mention the other 'values' that I shall not repeat again haha.

Even if I wanna deny this FACT, it remains a tough feat! Why?

Imagine standing up to ready to leave after a lecture, only to find the paparazzi (in the Fame post, who I shall name as in NAME, if the resulting pictures are ugly again), taking secret snapshots of me again. This time it was worse, for beside her, were two of mine (Take that!). I am living in the public eye.

Maybe that is why, my personal assistant QB, gave me an extra gentle reminder today.

A Panda bread? Well, I do resemble one seeing this humongous dark circle I carry around with me like a medal lately. While I know appearance is important for a celebrity... I better not get carried away.
Maybe she meant I was as precious as a panda. Or as cute. Or as warm. Or as cuddly! Or as This cannot be! It definitely meant I had graduated with first class honours in the Dark-Circle-League! Or else, she could have easily bought me a Giselle Bundchen bread or maybe a Michelle Reis one! Won't that suit me much much more?
Anyways, I will remember to rest more. So my chances of being with Milo (Peter Petrelli yo~~ hou sui gor, make ppl mention hoho) will be higher.

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