Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Lately I have been reading a book titled 'The Unexplained'. It is about the creatures or events in the past which are considered mythical, fantasy cos we cannot explain them! Now, isn't that obvious? And I was very very amused by the amount of documented sightings of all these creatures, from merfolks to the Loch Ness, Spontaneous Human Torch to fairies. Isnt it a shame that we no longer hear of such sightings?

This was a book I accidentally took from my cousin brother approximately 9 years ago. It was too attached to me and didn't wanna return to its original owner. Not that I din wanna return it.

But it drove me to think. Probably we do see these creatures but then due to the extremely advanced world we live in, maybe we could have disregarded them as something else! A fairy in front of a building can be taken as part of the advertisement on the big TV screen things. Some gnomes near the garden as some ugly sculpted work. A mermaid being chased down as a big fat tuna.

But just when I thought that our world is out of mysteries or magic, only then I realized. What am i talking about? The biggest mystery and magic is rite before my very eyes. Something so unexplained and plain,.....mind-boggling.

The computer.

How every single key on something as flat as a keyboard convey the exact alphabets.

How a single wire can trace your movement on the mouse on the screen.

How these things, yes, THINGS on the screen can become reality just through a printer?

And oooh, the screen, something in front of u, but then it is not really in front of u. Just like an imaginary piece of paper, or many papers! Cos the pages keep changing, and changing. The best thing is, despite all these pages, it is not THICK!

And then, how does a simple CLICK do so much. I mean if everything on the screen itself is not really, erm there or REAL (for if u suddenly turn off ur laptop,, then how does a click really act on it?

Even as I update this blog, how does every single word get recorded when all these do not really exist (?)! Where is it. . . . ?

What kinda dimension is my laptop connecting me to? And with these, erm, 3 wires?

(And my boyfriend studies engineering!! What is wrong with me?)

Somehow, to me at least, the computer and the internet is like magic.
Unexplanable, and amusing.

As I look up to the sky, I wonder if that is where the Internet is really hiding.

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