Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Dream Ball of mine

Since i might not live to the day of the Monash Ball, seeing how thing turned out about an hour ago actually, I thought it is just fair for me to tell everyone my dreams of going to the ball, all made up, pampered thoroughly, with a bunch of besties, laughing and chatting away. The glamour I might not taste, but the anticipation I shall remember forever. And will continue to remember while on that TREE.

Since I won't have the chance to shine in my dream Ball dress. I tot, well, it is just a tot but, I might as well, live in my own lala-land, dress up in my DREAM ball dress, here. Right here. It may sound stupid, but these are my dreams. My dream dresses for a dream-like nite, I might not make it to.

Please share these special moments with me :)

I have always dreamt of being covered with flowers.
Curtains and curtains of flowers.

I think the sleeves need to be puffier and the skirt a bit puffier.
After all, I dun wanna look stick-thin.

I wanna be the center of everyone's attention on that day.
To be my favourite thing in the world:
A humongous layered cake!

Something simple, sleek and elegant.
Dun wan everyone staring, rite?

Black and white never goes wrong. Classic approach.
N I might substitute the white shoes with my beloved RED ones.
But, I want a bigger bundle of flowers.
Or else the dress is just TOO plain.

I am gonna be a SHINING star.
A shining, puffy star.
Everyone needs an angel or a fairy godmother.
And I guess, I fit the role perfectly.
With the perfect dress.

What better way to live ur dreams than to realize you childhood dream?

It will be a bit hard to get onstage though, if I got voted for Prom Queen.

I am so glad to be able to share these with u before it is too late. My dreams are mentioned here at least and will be known and remembered by all those who cared for me so much as to visit my blog.

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