Thursday, August 16, 2007

St. Mike Dreams

I was sorting out some old photos today when I suddenly stumbled upon some gems..

Gems as in them being rare, precious, joy-inducing and just the mere sight of it calms ur soul.
Might be confiscated and banned for its effects which are kinda drug-like.
I was all dizzy, high, floaty, with a frozen grin and uncontrollable fits of laughter, all these symptoms. Now, I can't stop thinking about it.

I found these, actually. And there's a story to it!

Being young little innocent children at that time year 2005. Back when I was still a full-fledged teenager. Now I am a tween-ager. And forever, I shall be in this stage, I declare here! Ok, back to the topic, me and some high school teenagers in the BESTIE category of mine, went to do some exploring in our high school, around midnight. When I mention midnight, I bet u r anticipating for something exciting to happen. Well yeah, definitely.

The place where we were tormented with naggy speeches, bad debating skills and pain-stakingly funny drama during Form 4. Suddenly we were the kings and queens of St. Mike School Hall. Can u feel the excitement there?

U know why this is valuable? This is taken during the Pregnancy Era of Choo. Hm, I think this is the 8th Month Stage. Correct me if I am wrong ok Steve? (Steve - the sudden, unknowing accomplice).

This is one of the times when Choo realized one of his high school fantasies. To be close to me. Look at his face, so got 'feel'! With me being 0.6% prettier now, sometimes I worry that he might fall for me ALL OVER AGAIN.

PoWah and his sifu Choo. Here marks the begining of PoWah's transformation into the "current" version. The classic tactics for stealing erasers from Pig Intestines. *Sob*
....I really hope Choo's girlfriend sees this. Hoho.
Here is PoWah living his own high school dream. Pulling that face at Salty.
"My karate geng leh.....heh heh heh." *Shudder*

Oh, see Steve and Choo fulfill their *sob* biggest fantasies. To stand there tall and proud. To be respected. To be a prefect. It was a very touching moment. I swear I saw a glisten of tear in the eyes of Steve as he strutted his long awaited walk across that small corridor. And there was the shiver seen on Choo's then 8 month-belly, as he touched the flag pole.

And you wonder why I wanted Choo's girlfriend to see this post. You think it is easy to pull a look that 'white sticky' (translate yo!)? It takes years of practice and unwavering determination. See, the 50% mastered skill of PoWah at it. Suki, maybe she's a natural? Ho!!

This is Steve thinking himself as damn cool. Why? Well, this is sorta his early days with Contact Lenses. While he might have rated himself as hotter by 1300000000%, the truth is it was only a mere 0.3%. *Phew* Lower than my 0.6% prettier! The proof: PoWah's look.

Are you still gonna ask why I hope for Choo's gf to see this post? This is like the finale of everything. The ending of our midnight stroll down memory lane, realising our dreams one by one, reminiscing about all that happened, gossiped about all there is to gossip, realizing Steve didn't (notice the past tense) have orange peel while the then 8 month-pregnant Choo (notice the re-emphasizing) kept silent, transiently. And I remained in denial of it, by the way.

Here is our very own classic bye-bye style. Devised by 'Choo and the Gang!'. Haha!

Actually nothing EXCITING or BIG happened that nite. Just a good long chat abt everything, endless teasing about the same old things, the usual gossipping around similar topics, kinda stupid antics with around 5 cameras, a lot of prancing around, spooking each other out and of cos, laughter!

Wait!! There is something big!

In the end PoWah mastered the skill of the Choo! *Applause* His very own bye-bye.

Gosh, this is so cool. I must think of my own version soon.

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