Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Me ---> Sonee <--- Glay

I love my Sony mp3 player.

My blue morning just got 'revived of inspiration' (Woo Hsian quote) because of it.

Maybe it knew I was feeling down and totally slumber, so much so that, it would seem like I was in a coma if I was not moving and dressed up. After all, dressing up in the morning is what drives me in the morning, at least! For that short (really, short) period of time, there is actually passion and fun I feel.

My mp3 player, what shall I name it? Hmm.... Sonie then. Ok, it sounds like the brand name, but it sounds cool!

Sonee was a real darling. I was woken up to Kokodewanai Dokokae. It is true that what I want might not be here, so I will have to move on somewhere to achieve it. Without a map, I'll set out and explore. It is ok to feel lost at times, I suppose?

What really comforted me was the next song, 'Egao no ooi hi bakari janai', as I sat looking at the meaningless view from the bus. The song title translates to 'There aren't only days with smiles', or something like that. Believe 23% of my translations. Erm, or is it 22%? Sigh, bad bad japanese, big big ego.

"There aren't only days with smiles,
For there will be tears as well,
Even now that person is calling out to me,
To never give up,
It will not always the same everyday,
See, the begining is here"

I was very touched by Sonee already by that moment, but then the unbelievable happened. It was Pure Soul. Oh my god. As soon as I typed this, Pure Soul is here again. From this moment on, even if I have no one to turn to in this world, I shall have my beloved Sonee. And I shall be happy!

Pure Soul is my all time frustration song. Countless tears of stress, fatigue, confusion, anger, pain and some other childish rants (not being able to go for a Glay live), had been poured into this one. Remember me mentioning I dun have anyone to pour my heart to? Well, there is Pure Soul. And now, Sonee.

The lyrics are just amazing. The energy emitted inspirational. The integration of Teru's slightly angsty voice, expressed in a burst of mixed emotions with what seems like frustration, confusion and determination or even desperation to survive for his ownself while proving his existence worthwhile, with his voice tender in the end. The music is amazing as well, with hints of piano that makes my heart tremble, superimposed by stronger tones of guitar that gives me the energy to go on and on.

Pure Soul saved me this morning.

And rite now, it is Bokutachi no shouhai. I can go on and on but, with 30 minutes gone by that quickly. And my second failed attempt at telling u guys, a typical day of my uni life, I shall sign off now. By the next post, I hope it will be the happy and pointless posts again, which I love.

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