Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Heart to heart Talk

Today I had a heart-warming talk with one of the most caring friend I have. After this talk, it is now and forever, baby.

Knowing me, I always forfeit stuffs that require public appearances (despite the celeb status, i know i know). But I am easily baited by free samples of .....everything. Especially beauty products.

So on one fine day back when I still enjoyed the food of the new campus (ages ago isnt it?), I entered a competition just for fun, to try my luck and yeah yeah, for the free sample. Which by the way is still sitting all comfy in my SUPER DUPER SAMPLE COLLECTION BAG.

Now, relate that to this other scenario. Throbbing veins on a clearly oily face. A head full of hair clips of all sorts as any dropping hair is an annoyance. Oversized glasses resting at the nose tip. Frantically typing fingers with frantic backspacing action (typo rules my life). Then came a call.

Apparently I got chosen for a contest which requires an audition (wah, finally this word is related to me). Naturally I rejected it. Why?

1) Reports were driving me out of my mind.
2) I am a big chicken at these things
3) .....I totally forgot what it was.

So i fumbled in the phone for a while. Then resumed my work. Then I kinda regretted my decision! Well, I am a bit scared of the whole thing. But excitement and curiosity tortured me inside out. Haha.

Luckily I have a kind friend who gave me courage in a way, so gentle but sure. I can't help but show the world her greatness.

hIkArI* I crave going Tawau. says:
last nite i got a call, to go for an audition, looking for commercial models

HSC - Jennifer's mum says:
they call u? LOL (i wonder y she LOL-ed?)

HSC - Jennifer's mum says:
jus giv it a shot. u r so youngg. must be daring to try out mar...
surprise urself. dun act like an insecure auntie (as always) ok?

hIkArI* I crave going Tawau. says:
this time i really am michelle reis lo! Hahahaha.....

HSC - Jennifer's mum says:
michelle reis my foot. if hair then u become Beyonce? or Eva longoria?

hIkArI* I crave going Tawau. says:
i think i AM eva longoria now

HSC - Jennifer's mum says:
u haf alwez been Eva longoria in my heart

hIkArI* I crave going Tawau. says:
i know n i am proud of it

HSC - Jennifer's mum says:
HAHAHA. amy will kill u. she has alwez wanted to be eva..
(do u think they will call again)? ahha

Seriously, thanks for all the SUPPORT, friend.
And the honesty in the Eva part!

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