Friday, August 17, 2007

Leg Drama

-mantshun- says:
what i think is.. that old man was one of the 4 keyblade wielder.. bad one. defeated at the WAR OF KEYBLADE. then end up lost his memory.. but dunno how in Xenohart's form. the Ansem found him and so on.... not sin ka geh...

hIkArI* Pure Soul and Egao no Ooi Hi bakari Janai. says:
like tht still not sin ka??

....As if I had a chance encounter with Mr Tetsuya Nomura. Another self-proclaimed Kingdom Hearts expert. When I say 'another', it means I do know another more notorious one out there. Let us just pray that I get some evidence to show it here soon!

Anyway the point is no this, in my post today!
Now, I seriously think my legs are very unlucky. Yes, my LEGS.

It is the fourth week of uni and surprisingly I managed to hurt my legs thrice, asked for plaster from WanRu twice, limped for at least 5 days and went to a doctor once. Just because of this long pair of legs of MINE. I am currently trying to generate a graph to correlate length of legs with risk of accidents. Looking for the right journal to publish on.

Incident 1:

I was unpacking and MSN-ing.
Leg got stuck between a box and my luggage.
Forced it out, with an air of indifference.
Sprained and tortured by a chiropractor.

** I got to wear a knee protector n looked cool like sportmen do!

Incident 2:

Spanking new metallic red shoes. (My beloved MerahMerah)
Striking green top to go with it.
Strutted down my condo with birds singing in the sky.
Ran when the bus was about to leave.
Loss of skin and pride as I walked like a limp.
In my NEW shoes.

** I got something from WanRu for free!

Incident 3:

Sitting on the bus listening to dear Teru singing 'Mirror'.
Humming along as I indulge in the beauty of a stretch of colourful Kancil.
About to get off the bus.
Leg scrapped on some metal. Looked.
No blood, luckily.
But how come it stings one? Looked.
Wah, many blood oh, dang.

** I got to put on a Hello Kitty plaster from WanRu, er, for free again!

With all these unfortunate things happening to my beautifully sculpted super-model shiny legs, I am so worried of what is yet to come. What if a random alien laser beam hit me on my legs and then suddenly all my leg hair disappear? What should i do then? Wait for them to do my hands intead?

Sometimes, things are just so complicated and life unpredictable.

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