Thursday, August 23, 2007


Being a relatively normal gal with maybe a small streak of beauty and brains and body and personality and ....oh, I better not make it sound so exaggerated. Okay, the point is, I expected to go through a life of simplicity.

Still innocently watching and commenting on celebrity news with my sis last nite, little did I know that my fate would somehow be the same as these poor poor celebrities. To be hunted down just for a picture, or worse still to be watched like an endangered species everywhere I go.

For not realizing this earlier,
maybe I was too insensitive,
maybe the people around me were to good at hiding it.

Either way, reality never hides its ugly face for too long.

I finally understood how some of these celebs felt like when they were sold of their personal stories to the tabloid. Worse still, by their own friends. The horror and the heartache.

And lemme emphasize that by saying celeb, I dun mean the 'celeb' in Amy's context.
I was being paparazzied or more like photographed in secret.

Me and my personal assistant *ahem* QB (cool ppl go by initials). Pondering on how to handle or more like dodge the huge crowd near the exit of the lecture hall.

Me with my big handbag (celeb ma...), giving out signatures to some fans *ahem*. Too bad the picture failed to capture the long line leading behind. Afterall the security was tight. Notice the big, burly bodyguard at the edge of the pic? He was a camera-shy sofite at heart ;)
Me having a normal day out at the Cafe with some girlfriends. Just a simple gossipping session which I dun usually get to enjoy in privacy *ahem*. Notice the innocent hand gestures. Little did I know, privacy is the last thing I get for being famous.
Just simple me eating a simple apple. A normal scenario. I wonder why it becomes an object of interest to others? I din even know it was this camera-worthy *ahem*.
Me eating an apple again. Now they are gonna speculate on whether I am dieting again to maintain The Body. *ahem*
So I took the advantage of publishing these pictures first. Or else, it will be manipulated by other publishing magazines to earn a heap again. So u saw it here first (and not anywhere else ever again, i suppose?).
Sometimes, I wish life will remain simple and carefree forever.
And lesson learnt through this?
Paparazzis love ur ugly pics.
Shoutout to Paparazzi Cher-eew (See, I am helping u conceal ur identity here, ur privacy!). Can't u take better pics of mine?
Okay, maybe this is hard. Let me rephrase -
Can't u just delete the ugly pics of mine??

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