Thursday, August 9, 2007

To my Twin out there somewhere....

It is said that everyone of us has a 'twin' or someone who looks identical to us out there. According to statistical studies involving the human genome and total population in this world, it was proposed that there could be approximately 6 person out there which resembles you yourself completely.

Isn't it a wonder? Although this piece of info I had known for quite some time, it is until now only that I find it so special! Imagince someone out there, seemingly unrelated to u but actually holding almost similar genetic makeup as u! I mean, since we look the same, our genetic profile should be as well rite? Imagine seeing urself as if u were looking at a mirror. What will the feeling be like?

Emma feels totally excited and curious. She met a girl in campus who, according to her friend looks exactly like her. Then, her Dad mistook tht girl for her and claimed that the similarity was at 99%. When even your Dad says so, you know it is serious! Thanks to the technology we get to enjoy now, Emma quickly found and showed us that 'twin' of hers. Secretly, I was a bit yearning to meet mine as well!

Then on the Daily 10 of E, the presenter said, "Everyone of us has a twin out there...."

Which prompted me to think of all the past encounters which included other people commenting of my resemblance to someone else....

1) During my primary school years when I used to sport cute pony tails, in an over-sized 'cute' pinafore, a school-bus driver ran to me once. Then she said,"Aiyo, zin heh chiong nga moi zhu oh!" Which was in Hakka, saying that I really looked like her daughter.

2) Then a high school fren, Ting mentioned that I really looked like Hiong Hoi Lam. To my greatest displeasure, cos I am nowhere there. Maybe our body is kinda similar but face, I dun think so la. Hoho.

These seems like the only encounters so far. Where is my twin?
Anyone knows anyone who looks like me?

Personally I think I look like Michelle Reis. The eyes, the face, the way we carry ourselves are so identical that it came to be scary. Maybe you might not think so, but it is okay cos I am sure. As i gaze into the mirror and look into my face of disbelief at what I just wrote.

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