Thursday, July 19, 2007

To and Fro

Tomorrow will officially be the day where I exercise most ever since returning here for the week. Why? Oh it is just that I have to walk to and fro from the new and a LOT further Monash Campus to my dear home, for like hmmm.....2 times? In a day, for 3 lectures. Isn't that cute? Girls are sometimes so adorable in a sense that they make clumsy little plans for more journeys than needed and then laughs shyly at her own mistake. But believe me, the harsh reality is not that heart warming. After all this is not a Kotex advertisement.

So why? Why travel 2 times to darling uni for 3 baby lectures? Why? Why is that so?

Because finally someone is coming to fix the Snoring Pig, namely my air conditioner. But oh dear! He could only make it between 1 pm and 4 pm! I have 1-hour lectures separately from 8-9 am, 11-12 pm and 5-6 pm. So I must make sacrifices. I weighed all possible paths carefully.

1) Skip the 8-9 am and 11-12pm lectures since both of them are 'useless' as quoted from MAJORITY of my seniors in both units. And I trust my friends.

2) Return home after the 11-12 pm lecture, and don't return for the 5-6 pm lecture. But this lecture is The Unskippable. What if he Glucocorticoid me again?

3) Get up EARLY, way EARLY to go for the 8-9 am lecture, return home after the 11-12 pm lecture, then return uni by 5 pm for another lecture before dragging myself back home again. This I can attend all lectures! And get my air cond fixed. Isn't this the perfect plan? But, talk about reluctance. Please.

In the end, I chose option 3. Cos Miss PKN suggested that she walk with me. Angelic? No. It is the lure of Medan food (how lowly have we become to be 'lured' by Medan food. Medan food!!) and to be able to lepak at her own house doing laundry. So I will take the shuttle bus at 7.30 am then take the bus home at 12.40 pm then walk back to uni at 4.30 pm and walk back home at 6 pm. It just makes me love Monash more.

I learnt something from all these. The Trade of Equivalence in Full Metal Alchemist is right. Nothing can come out of nothing. To gain something, you must give something equivalent in return. So, to rid an air conditioner that snores louder than me throughout the night, I must give up some time, effort, energy, sweat, happiness. Animes are educational. Ah, everything seems right again.

List of people to thank today:

Teru - bringing calmness and hope for me in life
WenJi - for the cute little postcard with the big egoistic contents written in it (haha)
Wan Ru - for dressing up sexily
TopShop - for having a delicious sale
Lee Chia - for all the Heroes Graphic Model and calling me Mrs Petrelli

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