Saturday, July 14, 2007


Today was a rollercoaster ride~!

First of all, returning from Sandakan became a bigger deal to me, since with each departure, my chances of returning there decreases. This is harsh reality, as I really don't mind spending everyday doing nothing, loitering at the same place, crapping about the same topic with the same people and just being plain Sandakanian. This is a place you call Home, I guess!

My progress with FF12 is not a proud one. This is the only regret!! And I practically lived like an elderly ......sleeping before 10.30 every nite, waking up at 7, eating junks all day. I almost talked like my mum. But then again, it is nice to know that me and my mum getting closer although we are quite far apart. That's why, never ever underestimate the power of 'kepo'ness, 8-ness, CARE, whatever u call it! Whoever is in need of the recipe, just as me hoho.

Being the emo I am, I almost cried on the plane. Missing my mum and the others, mixed feelings about leaving, uneasy over business unattained to and so on until a greasy haired Malay guy sat beside me. Poof! All feelings gone and disgust emerged! I am not being mean here! It is just! He was reading Bleach which was attracting me but his hair was REPULSING me! But, I was able to resist the temptation. So I settled in to sleep,....far from him. To wake up to a greasy head less than 2cm from my shoulder. Oh!! The horror, the shock, the greasiness....

But my Dad came to fetch me! Which is good! Cos I actually came back with more stuff thanks for dear cute Mum. But I snatched a lot of stuffs from my mum! Clothes, shoes, wahahaha! And with these stuffs come earlier mornings of pondering what to wear and the excitement of endless choices, which will end with the familiar i-have-nothing-to-wear within........2 weeks! But for now, yay!

I sprained my knee as well, during unpacking which can be equated making peace of a war between two nations. A sacrifice for peace. My Dad made me go for a chiropractor. Went through a gruelling session of massage. Massage: A sweet name for torture. It hurts so badly. But I finally get the chance to wear a knee-protector! Never had the chance to do so, since I am retarded in sports! So Yay for knee protector!

It was nice to see WenJi, Amy, Shirley and Olie jus now. Ok, it was jus from webcam but then it was fun. Reminds me of the many nice times we spent together in totally un-meaningful ways. Oh, the beauty of it.

And it is always nice to know you have friends who you can count on for a deep talk. This might sound ironic, cos I am really relating deep talk to Steve, the Crap King. To make it more Ironic, Choo the Pig Talk. I feel a sense of confusion flooding my mind rite now. A Crap King and Pg Talker for deep conversations? But that is the truth. Me, the Innocent Lady, having deep talks with these 2? Ok, it is the truth. They make me happy! They are really nice,............. sometimes. Erm, at rare occassions. Yeah, that is better.

There is something making me every uneasy rite now. Sometimes things dun go the way u wan it to. Teru said this as well!! So it must be true. Haha. Lame. Erm ok, I dun expect everything, everyone to go or do things my way. That is why, people face disappointment and learn to deal with it. Easier said than done. But almost always, things come to a good end. That is all that matters i guess. Now, I just have to endure the journey!

Time to shower! Late cos i had to wait 2 hrs before my injury can touch water!

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