Friday, June 15, 2007

HEROES Chapter 2

An eclipse is a very short phenomena. But, within the short dark phase of an eclipse, in LoreMe's world in Mon-Ash, multiple events occured. A very short instance which flanked these few days of LoreMe's life as a new hero.

Last Wednesday, seemed like ages ago now. But the memories of the enemies remain crystal clear. Another gatekeeper to struggle through, as these Students approach the ideal educated to them - to be a Graduate. An ideal instilled by external forces, but quietly doubted by Students. After all, you never know what lies beyond ideals. Or whether the ideals themselves are so much that is expected of. But, as heroes, the Students have no choice. LoreMe started that mind boggling day with an attempt to conceal her secret weapon - Flabbee. Regardless of how geng this weapon is, making it too visible is never safe to herself. Erm, also to others. To her mum even?

This gatekeeper was no easy one as it is built on the most abstract thing in the world. Anxiously, LoreMe and her fellow Students checked for their battle allocation. She was allocated to the larger group of combatants. BabiNing and SuSuSu walked with LoreMe to Region 2.2 this time, a new location. SuSuSu is another ally of LoreMe. Her abilities? Hugeness. Huge eyes, huge supper, 'huge' hair, huge laugh, huge file, huge brain capacity. Enemies are often wiped out entirely just by her humongous presence. From afar, two faint voices alerted these three, as the dimness of the pathway nearly led them away from the battlefield. Afterall, BabiNing was never trained in even crossing traffic and SuSuSu's huge brain probably blocked LoreMe's view.

This Eeck-xam was tough. What gatekeeper was it? The Gatekeeper of Blurness of all Blurness in the name of Blur-O-Ma. The overwhelming emotion inside of LoreMe could hardly be contained as she discover her lameness being challenged by blurness. Equally powerful and attractive abilities to own for sure. The enemies of this Eec-xam were....all over the place. Intertwined in blurness and elements inducing memory loss in Students. These enemies are unknown to commoners and remains a secret safeguarded by heroes like these Students. Among us, millions of ALIENS thrive. In fact they preceded all man kinds, known this Earth for as long as my mum nags, remaining invisible to find the appropriate time prey on innocent humans. Dangerous and sneaky. LoreMe battled hard with 17 clusters of these enemies. Escherichia, Salmonella, Shigella. She panted as she controlled the trembling hand of hers, her Strength was dropping. Then, she caught sight BabiNing, requesting for extra backup an indication of her advancing rapidly through the enemies. The fire in LoreMe burnt and - Limit Break! Saccharomyces, Vibrio, Clostridium. The execution of techniques were ugly as the desire to surive can turn a person into a demon. Cursive Writing became more like Scripture Writing, a technique banned from Eeck-xams due to its high level of lethality among fellow Students. But, LoreMe's plan was to attach a photo of herself in the end of the Eeck-xam. Cos LoreMe is lame. But let us not forget her other abilities as she forgot the fact that NICE pictures of hers are rare.

The next day, as preparation towards the most devilish Gatekeeper for this semester, LoreMe meditated in front of 234958 sheets of Eeck-xam manual for more than 18 hours. The meditation involed: 10% resisting Sleep, 30% replenishing Stamine (eating), 40% full blast Absorption from manual (Peter Petrelli style), 20% practicing Lameness, her ultimate ability. After that, the next morning saw LoreMe griefing partly over the disappearance of Flabbee, for the first time in 5.7 years. Tears of joy almost broke, but it was still too early, sobbed LoreMe.

Gatekeeper of Extra Notes, Journals and Toothless. There was fear and dark circles in all candidates' eyes. LoreMe had never been so decisive in an Eeck-xams before. In about 5 minutes time, it was crystal CLEAR which enemy she should attempt at and which she should definitely steer clear of. With her Pen of Blue ready, she advanced through : kruppel, Toll, Spatzel, rhomboid. What are these you asked? Vicious enemies called Genes sent by their leaders like Drosophila, C. Elegans, Arabidopsis, under the direction of Wolpert. Imagine Genes as triad members led by Triad bosses like Drosophila which poured out from a pandora box called Wolpert. This was not the only hurdle. Time was again playing tricks to the minds of all heroes in the battlefield. Its hands were definitely moving faster than supposed to. LoreMe was sure, but there was no need of a commotion. With this, ended the 5 days continuous battle in Eeck-xams.

Today, LoreMe wanted a break from all the heroic acts. To be normal just for once. She concealed all her greatness in lameness and went to the Pyramid. The huge lion head greeted her with all the most meaningful banners reading: Sales, 50%, Offer. Moments like that really warms LoreMe up. The peaceful atmosphere inside the Pyramid eased LoreMe's soul. But this tranquility was soon shaken up. Steps in front of LoreMe was a small opening promising change and unpredictability. A small dark dimension among all the brightly lit areas. LoreMe is a hero so she shall investigate, was what she thought to herself as her lameness began to resurface.

As soon as she entered, it was a rollercoaster ride of curiosity, dilemma, indecisiveness, anticipation, excitement and finally, to the hands of the scissor-wielding species called Hairdressers. Just like how Venom got Spiderman, LoreMe changed colour into a bright brownish-red. Shocked at first, but curious to play with its capability, LoreMe roamed the Pyramid with this new image of hers, while waiting for any changes it might bring. Nothing. But if Spiderman became influenced by his negative side by Venom and he is a hero, LoreMe shoud be experiencing something as well as she is a hero. She waited. Then it happened. The eyebrows.

When LoreMe caught sight of a mirror, she saw it. On her face, huge thick black caterpillar eyebrows. The change was really a negative one, as the bright colour enhanced the caterpillar-ness of her eyebrows. Panicked, but determined, LoreMe tried hard to shake the thought off. But, no matter where she went, whichever self reflection she saw, whatever mirror there is, there the eyebrows were. Staring back at LoreMe, haunting her, consuming her. In the end, this hero returned to that dimension and stripped off this new identity of hers. At this point she realized she was really a hero. As everyone knows, Spiderman gave up his negative side as well.

It is amazing how things are happening to a point that LoreMe is finding it hard to deny herself as a hero. And looking at herself in the mirror, she saw lameness. Lameness is LoreMe. LoreMe is lameness. As one heroic entity, they shall save the world.

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