Saturday, June 2, 2007

My first poem. Damn proud.

One blink, 8 a.m.,
Second blink, 9 a.m.,
Third blink, saying damn,
Fourth blink, sleeping pose still same.

Saturday morning Genetics class,
Toothless gene and hungry ghost me,
Drosophila, Arabidopsis, Xenopus,
Pretzel, fishball, maggi mee.
Which one was me?
Which one was toothless?
Is it just me?
Did you say who cares!

Papers papers and more papers,
Lectures, tutorials and past years la,
Told my lovely mother this,
'Dun care hate it' said ah ma,
On and on lovely mama nags,
So I wanna call her Fei Ma,
Only here I call her this,
Or else kena more mamama.

Raining now,
Study mood gone,
Eating now,
Diet mood gone.

Choi choi choi,
Apalah saya,
Cannot be like ham choi!
Must be Livita!
Ask me why I'm down,
Why I'm stressed,
I'll answer, 'Stupid clown',
Your face will be messed.

Textbooks very important meh?
Thick and heavy only lah.
Yellowpages not thick and heavy meh?
If Berani then go read lah.

Wish wish wish,
Wish what la?
Wish wish wish,
Want to be model la.
Why you laughing like that?
I think I sure can one la,
Me very pretty no fat,
You must be thinking, 'Of cos 'dim' la!'

When I am famous and rich rite,
Melbourne, KL Sandakan, I buy and sambung,
I know this is genius of me rite,
What you mean me orang kampung?

This smart poem I know,
Is very very lame,
But all you readers I know,
Are you not the same?

Study, tak che, duk shu,
Must on techno music then,
Duk shu Duk shu Duk shu Duk shu,
Oh la la my lame joke no. 10~
Everyone must rajin duk shu,
Dun be youtube guy 'Ten ten ten ten',
If only I can really duk shu,
Also won't be here 'ten ten ten ten'.

So this poem's moral is,
There must be one I am sure!
No matter what an exam is,
Papers saja la that's for sure.

No fear la, y'all!

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