Monday, June 11, 2007

HEROES Chapter 1

It was a morning of anticipation although it seemed like any other morning. Despite all that, the premonitions were all there. The surprisingly quiet air cond unit, the foggy window. And of all this, for her eyes to wake before the dreaded alarm went off.

This morning was anything but ordinary. Because this is the fateful day where a group of chosen special people will realize that they are not ordinary. Destiny and fate shall show them what they are chosen to do.

LoreMe (lame but read it in terms of Do Re Mi), woke up, knowing this day would come. But not realizing how fast it actually was. It has been 3 months or more, ever since she realize her new mission. Staring at herself in the mirror, she sighed as she put on her warpaint. To prepare for her battle with the unknown. Warpaint applied, eyes brightened up, combat suit on. Her heart was still unsure of what is to come.

The journey to the Stresphul City was a dangerous one like usual. With the battle shoes of 2 inches high, it was never easy to dodge the attacks of the Gardeners with their HTwoO blazing. Today, having known her role in this whole plan, she had to be extra careful. You never know what others will do to her, if they knew what she could do.

Within Mon-Ash, a UniverCity, all the usual destined Students are there. Surviving under and secretly trying to overhaul respective Organizations within this city. The Organizations which are yet to reveal their true identity. Each Student here, just have to go through gruel training and embark on a road of discovery, as they prepare to face the gatekeepers of these Organizations. One by one, these gatekeepers are to be taken down, before the whole Organization can be demolished.

This is a motivational thought. Succesful demolition of an Organization had seen that group of successful Students transforming into very cool looking black robed and hugely grinned individuals, although, there is the weird-looking Square-headpiece which function is unknown, but every Student aims for this transformation. These individuals called Graduates.

After two years of taking down first level and second level gatekeepers, LoreMe was proceeding towards the first third level gatekeeper. LoreMe is no ordinary person since she is a Stewdun. Capable of absorbing lameness from all entities (I just can't resist this 'absorbing' from everyone thing....Petrelli ho!), rapid countering of everything with exaggerated actions and induction of cold jokes in all situations, made her eligible for this mission. She shall laugh at danger and scare it away with lameness. From the start, LoreMe had always known that this is her destiny.

Serious meditation and preparation took place prior to the big battle in the LieBrary, where the quietness was excellent to induce Sleep. This process enabled the regain of Health Points (HP) by these Sudents. The cold atmosphere generated was a big help. LoreMe met her fellow Stewdun here. KaraKaraBee. This is not a strange name, I assure you. I assured you.

KaraKaraBee is capable of providing tranquility, stress, motivation, surprise and so on with her..........quiet, nature. Her silence drive others to think of what she is thinking while the others are not really thinking and there is nothing to think about. In simple words, she is a multiple emotion inducer by being quiet. So extraordinary. Today she induced Sleep in LoreMe. After gaining all the HP needed, LoreMe received a call on her Z610i from BabiNing. Babi is the short form for BarBie, actually. Time to restock on Magic Points (MP) and Strength. You never wanna lose because of this in the battle. Too embarassing.

Usual stuff for this stock up. And as usual, the stock up was pretty heavy and pretty obvious as the baggage consisting it protruded from LoreMe's battlesuit, into this gentle and soft and round thing they term as Tummy. LoreMe's everything is extraordinary, so there is a name for it. Flabbee. Cute and meaningful, agreed?

The opening to the battlefield was cold and empty when LoreMe and BabiNing reached. However, commotion started as soon as the other Students allocated for this final mission arrived. Yes, for the first time, everyone gathered to turn over this gatekeeper. LoreMe was allocated the terminal called Desk C13. Not a good number.

As they entered the battlefield, Region C3.13 of Mon-Ash, there were grins, gloominess, fear and anticipation everywhere. Different abilities of different Stewduns are indicated here. LoreMe was just, well, felt nothing. Just as all Students positioned themselves for the ultimate battle, the very yeng-named fiends called InvigilatorS started allocating the fearful opponents to each of the Students! This is never a time where preparation can help. No matter how prepared one is, the sight of it just spells terror. Our opponents, directly under the order of the gatekeeper..... Eeeck-xam.

Sole weapons being Pens of Blue Ink, mostly or some selected few using Pens of Black Ink, are sometimes just not enough. For there is another opponent. The hideous flat round being at the end of this space. Its twiggy hands moving in pulses, creating nerve-wrecking echoes of 'tick-tock', 'tick-tock', messing with Stewdun minds. It posses such great power over its ultimate weapon called Time. This time it chosed the technique of 3HourS. Like a Snitch to Harry Potter, this monster called Time is greater as it is chased like hell by everyone. Looking at it, LoreMe could see its Evil Grin hiding behind its kolot design.

The Pens of Blue and Black warriors continued to attack these Eeeck-xams. A stroke here, a stab there, a full stop here, a comma there, Cursive Writing, Erase-Away----!! It was an ugly sight of suffering and determination to survive. But in the end, Time showed its uglier face. And the InvigilatorS made appeared, I mean suddenly as well. The Eeeck-xams were retrieved. All Students tried their best to demolish these demons. But, what can the gatekeeper do? With their Pen of Reds, they can do a lot. All those attacks from Students towards those Eeeck-xams could easily be cancelled out by these Gatekeepers. And, no one knows until the end of this mission, where the mother of all disguise called Results come out. Why a master a disguise? You never know what it holds and it seems always, innocent enough.

This Gatekeeper mission was done for today. BTH3757, commonly refered to as a Unit or Subject by Students, is the mission allocated by the Gatekeeper of today. As LoreMe proceeded out of the battlefield, slightly beaten up, she never expected to be beaten up more badly. Seems like, 10% HP of the Eeeck-xam allocated to her was missed due to low levels of Agility and Accuracy in her. No doubt, as she was too busy cooking up lame terms for the simple term known as a Clock when in the Battlefield. Did I mention that she thought for a long time of what to call the Invigilators before ending up calling them InvigilatorS anyway? But all's well ends well as LoreMe discovers another ability of hers. To take the falling sky as a blue blanket.

All Students then proceeded to return to their ordinary world, and mask their true identities as the secret fighters for survival in UniverCity, and in this story's case, it is the deadly UniverCity of Mon-Ash.

This is a story of ordinary beings waking up to an extraordinary calling.
These are Students.
They are HEROES.

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