Monday, July 23, 2007

Dark Angel

But not ala Jessica Alba.

Seems like I have a bit of a bad luck aura. Elaine lost her wallet and phone in Bdr Sunway while with me and WanRu. And now, Chew Bee lost hers as well, while alone. Which led me to check again of past happenings. Steve never had a day of ease ever since getting close to me, and Choo just checked in to become a driver of mine. Oh dear, I might really be fuelling out bad luck lately!

So now I am suffering as a payback for what I did to others. I ate near 10 pm and am sleepy now. Should i give in to my inner voice or determine to battle my tummy bulge? One should always remain oneself and show you true colours. Listen to your inner voice.

I just grasped another important lesson in life. Inner voice rules.

Like my Peter Petrelli. Hoho.

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