Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Optimism till the end?

I am struck with two heart attacks within one motion-sickness loaded afternoon. As if the first one was not disturbing or shocking enough, I had to read an electrifyingly-terrifyingly-shocking mail. It literally made me break into a session of cold sweat. Urgh. . .

I joined a Fashion Design competition again a few weeks back after a chance encounter with one of the person in charge in Monash. And lucky as I am at times, I got chosen into the Top 8. And this time, I can actually get RM 1000 to translate (erm, kinda bio-like term) these sketches into real clothes! Which is so so tempting.

But of cos, there is a catch in everything and as usual, time is never nice to me!

The finals is going to be on the 24th of November.
That leaves me less than 10 days.
For 4 designs.
And with no technical skills whatsoever.
And doomsday.

The person in charge told me I could just give up the thing and I have to confirm by tomorrow for they will need to notify someone else in place of me.

But they tempted me so badly.
I am kinda reluctant to just let it go.

Unlike the L'oreal competition, where I had my doubts and insecurities, this time I was all up for it! Somehow, L'oreal made me more confident. And this time, it is different, for I will be seeing and competing in a design competition! A fashion design competition. I can see how good I am in it and learn from there.

But with such a timeline and no experience at all in this department, it is so impossible. And this breaks my heart.

Today is the 15th and if I start, it will be on the 16th officially?
And I will be going Thailand from the 18th till the 23rd this month.
What am I to do?

Being an optimist, I thought about this. This is a bit over-the-top in terms of the optimism department, but please bear with me. . . .

If I agree tomorrow and by the 17th, get 4 tailors to help me with each design along with the help of some frens, then return by the 23rd and have one last rehearsal. Wouldn't that be great? And to think that on the finals night, SiewChin and WenJi will be there or might be there!

That is so awesome. But should I continue being so optimistic?

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