Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I am sweating like mad now. Hands are shaking but still can bear to type with slight increase of typo. The heart beating fast. Out of breath. Nothing in your mind. Teeth getting numb. Voice breaking. Barely conscious. Throat so painful. Every single muscle in your body throbbing along with the...


Singing is great. And for the first time, I am not restricting myself as in whether the neighbours are listening, whether I am going off key. This is great! Well, for me and for others, I am pretty sure it is great!

**Here comes Survival**

I have always felt that it is great that singers like my Teru can jus flung their voice high and low like there is no tomorrow, no limitations, channeling all passion into the song itself. Well, I can't say I am exactly experiencing thaat just now. After all, there was no 200000 audience there. But for a moment, I was really in such a trance - singing and just singing with nothing else from reality bound onto me!

And when I realized there was difficulty in breathing, it felt weird.
The point when I was out of breathe, like when u cry too hard, I was exhillarated!
The point where my voice really broke, I was still high on singing and continued!

But then, suddenly, I could force no voice out.

It was so so fulfilling. I wanna sing like this forever.

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