Thursday, November 15, 2007

GENTING frenzy

Sad to announce that I have decided to drop out of the Digi Fashion contest, as the time limit is truly challenging especially to a newbie like me! But I realized that I have a lot of friends who are nice to me. Thanks to all of you! For helping me with all the suggestions, the bizarre ideas, the zany tricks and of cos, the comfort you all gave me.

I do feel disappointed and sad but oh well, the world is a window of opportunities. At least I managed to go this far and I should just feel content with what I have now.

Okay never mind about that for now it is time to talk a bit about my one night stay at Genting with all the gals! It was quite a fun trip and the highlight of it of cos is the celebration of both Elaine and Jennifer's birthdays which are respectively on the 16th of November and 21st of November! So to all who read this, you cannot deny not knowing a reason to give them gifts evern again.
First let me welcome u to our room, a crammed little place warmest in the whole of Genting!

This is Elaine and Jennifer beaming at the camera after they blew out the candles. And yes, they are both 43 years old. Obviously.

In a mere minute of what could have been a normal wishing time for birthday girls, look at what Elaine is doing. I mean, this is like an experiment testing the linkage between 38-ness and facial expression, where Jennifer is the control.

This is funny! See the fast change in action and expression when on camera and off camera? Even the workers could not bear to see more poses from these 3 posers. The camera-girl of course was not part of this group hoho.

One of our best attempts at self portrait and this is courtesy of me la of course. It is both a joy and a shame to be labeled a pro at self portrait-ing. But loved the cheesy grins of both Elaine and KangNing. Too bad her face is too big to fit into the camera. Oh well. . .

This shows Elaine on her first ride. As you can see, she was hyper-active, high and erm, not wearing shoes?

This was taken the morning when we were about to leave. If you think I look a bit stupid in this picture, it is cos KangNing is 'acting' normal.

See, didn't I prove myself? With Elaine by my side, I look 'normal'. Thanks dear.

See, we are all adults when we go outdoors!

This is an action packed picture of me and Elaine, riding on the bus across all continents into our endless future! Mou zhun geh mei loi! Yin sau ba yin sau ba! Haha...

This is one of my favourite shots! Loved the very different reactions of these three! As usual Elaine is a bit perasan, KangNing is acting cute and QBee is haha, just funny.

I must say that Elaine can be nominated as the second (after my sis of cos) person with the most elastic face. Just one phone call. Less than one minute. But thousands of facial expressions and don't forget the LOUD voice!

The theme of this picture is to pretend to be walking. Notice the word PRETEND. Of cos, I looked more natural so I passed! Elaine has to re-sit la. . . .

When we were having our buffet lunch, suddenly we realized that there are two different clans among us. The Mushroom Duo and the (cute, pretty, sexy, lady) Curly Duo. If u din get it, it is cos of our hairstyles. And pardon me, but let me emphasize that I MEAN every word I used int he last sentence. *ahem ahem*

And then we found the jolliest yellow being in the world! The DIGI yellow guy! So now we are called the DIGI Babies! But is the Mushroom Duo or the Curly Duo the more geng one of the DIGI Babies?

Of course it is the Curly Duo la. See our dedication in the first pic? And the last one. We even memorized its signature pose! Are we buddies or not, Yellow Fellow?

It was a nice experience, expecially when it is with friends whom u know u might be missing anytime soon. There will be inevitable partings but so will there be reunions which will be all the while sweeter and warmer. Just as long as we treasure all these then we will be bound together by memories so sweet.

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