Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thai yo #1

I am back from Thailand. Please stop saying that you miss me. Cos this has been appearing too often in my dreams and I really am not thinking too much. Trust me on this OR ask yourself about it.

First comes first, happy birthday to both Steve and Eric! To those who accidentally read this, no fear. No need to buy presents for them cos they dun like them. Clear? But it is time to get a girlfriend guys. . . . . It has been, erm, how many gazillion years?
But anyway, here is to the BIG, NEW 29 to u two!

Haha, i mean 22, yoyo! I got coconut ice-creams for u two from Ratchaburi but they melted and I couldnt do much abt it. How?
Well, my trip was a blast~! A trip which was to happi-fying after a series of event that it passed by so very quickly and before you know it, u start missing every single moment of it. Not sulking-ly but with total endearment.
The team reunited in LCCT. SiewChin and Gavin met me first. And as I suspected!! WenJi was also there! How did I guess it? *ahem ahem*

Clues/ Mistakes/ Hints:
Unc Tan: WenJi got a secret, u know? I promised not to tell. Amy will tell u once u reach Thai.

Amy: I got a surprise for u in Thai! Wenji coming back on 16th rite? Oh, sorry, maybe I remember wrongly.
p.Bank: So u all 5 ppl rite? Erm, i mean 4.

It was really kinda kindergarten level kinda guessing. And as soon as I met SC, she had to start her sarcasm again by saying, "Eh, I tot u said WenJi might come? U too sensitive, rite?" Before I raised my pitch to defend, there she was standing in front of us. Grinning like she succeed. Ceh, I'd say u tricked us 40%.
Once we reached, we met Amy completely decked in platforms and DARK hair. Looked quite different with dark hair. But, erm, seriously, this is the only half a day where her hair was neat, normal and not-Ratchaburi-style. I elaborate this statement, but I promised not to release the evidence!
This here shows the reunion of the the four of us, all pretty, cute and seductive (irrelevant?).
Off we went to Paragon for a sushi lunch. And Paragon was kinda simlar to KLCC. So we did a LOT of (!!!) . . . window-shopping and oohs and ahhs. The lunch was great and a LOT. I was most excited for the dessert! No need to explain for this rite?
From a Japanese place called Fuji. Green tea ice cream with red bean, ais kacang stylo with red bean, takoyaki, teriyaki ika (squid), assorted sushi, tempura ebi (prawn), teriyaki fish and sukiyaki~
With beautiful foos of cos u get more beautiful people. And excuse the vanity shots as we just arrived and are all at 'country/ kampung'-level 10.
After the lunch, we went to Siam for some shopping. The place was kinda similar to Sungai Wang with a lot of teenagers. In one of the shops, I heard a cover version on SCREAM by GLAYxEXILE in Thai. Teru does look over me, wherever I go *sob*. We met Ophe and her boyfriend here as well! Been about a year since I saw her in Melbourne and yet I am still shorter than her! Justice, where are u?
Lame Joke #1
Amy: A lot of those agent rite, come here look for pretty gals na.
Me: That's why u come here so often rite?
Amy: Ya la. For 13 years. (or another number)
After that short trip, off we went Ratchaburi and saw Amy's house for the first time! Then to dinner for traditional Thai food. I mean, a LOT of it. All dishes were nice especially the roasted pork leg. And they were not spicy at all. I jus drank a bit more water than usual. Like, 7 cups. Normal la.

Traditional Thai food from Ratchaburi. Porn fried rice and Spicy Porn (find out why below), haha. Roasted Pork Leg, Sweet and Sour Fish and Squid TomYum~

IS she cute? Of cos she is, in Ratchaburi na.

Lame Joke #2
Amy: This is Spicy Porn (Prawn) and Porn Friend Rice.
SC: Spicy Porn, is it? (See how bad she is)
Me: You like Porn?
Amy: Ya la. Very nice.

Amy's mum is really cute. An avid shopper, food hunter, entertainment provider, event planner and HelloKitty fan. Her car is filled with HelloKitty cushions, etc and so is her office toilet! How cute is that. But this kinda contradicts the fact that I told my mum to add 'Kunai' as her surname when she told me she wanted 'Kawaii' as her japanese name, to give 'KawaiiKunai'. Oh well, u dun care rite?
That nite we slept like pigs cos we were gonna take off the next morning to a place I have yet to recall the name. So i shall call it, **Buri for now. Please remind me later, SC!

Just before departing Amy's house, I took a rare photo of two different generations, the first generation (Amy's Mum and WenJi) and the second generation (Amy), clad in the same Rainbow T-shirts! Cute!
We met two of Amy's frens, Ji and Cat, and her mum's frens, a cute Auntie I met from Aussie last year! So all bundled up in a van. As soon as the addition of these Thai gang, the scene in front became like a live Thai drama. And it is then, we realized something abt Amy. In Ratchaburi, she laughs differently. According to SC, if the laugh 'kekekeke' should be created for one person, it has to be Amy. I will try to induce it in Aussie next year! Oi, mai mai!

Lame Joke #3

SC: (Put on Amy's mum's cap)
Gv: Oi, why are u wearing so many hats? Take off!
SC: (Took off the cap)
Gv: Why are u still wearing a helmet. Take off! Take off!
. . . .Cos SC's had bangs.

The lunch we had in the Dolphin Park. Red noodles with soft shelled crabs, Stuffed squids, Stewed pork and Spicy Porn, er Prawn are some of the dishes.

Us all and two new funny friends from thai. Maybe can be called the MaiMai Gang?

In the afternoon we went to a Dolphin Park owned by the sibling of Amy's mum's frens. WE saw a short Dolphin Show and then got to be dolphin trainers, erm more like play with dolphins!was it fun? You bet! Was i not scared a single bit? You bet!

Us all playing with dolphins. ME and SC kissed by dolphinsa and SC shaking hands with a dolphin. The pics of the others are still missing~

Us all swimming with dolphins. Due to the excessive amount of food, our waistline might have expanded so much that the dolphin is completely beyond view. Sorry for the inconvenience. Amy's got some hilarious shots which i have yet to get!

The trainers there taught us how to make the dolphins perform some simple tricks and then swam with 3 different dolphins! A funny moment was when he taught made us motion the dolphin to spit out water and it aimed at WenJi, again and again and again. Which was so funny. Then there was once when Gv lost his grip of the dolphin while swimming with it and SC said, "Sigh, the dolphin gave up on him ady."

Lame Joke # 4

Amy: (Climbing up from the water) I wanna get up like a dolphin. (Got stuck and no one helped since everyone expected to see a 'dolphin').

That night we checked into ManeeChan Hotel and drank some cincau like drink which was supposed to have slimming effect! I was hoping for another 5 cups, but they never came. That nite we went to a nearby shopping mall where I saw Mister Donut and ignored cos of the lack of flavours left. Big mistake, never got to try them at all! ISh! We ate hot pot and the portion in Thai is so much smaller explaining why the gals there are slimmer! Here I bought some cute voodoo doll keychains for Lok and nothing else! The next morning, I had a vanity session with WenJi which involved a lot of self-portraits that I accidentally burnt for SC as well. I am so dead this time. I guess, she will be haunting-taunting me for a long time with this!
Some shots taken from ManeeChan Hotel. Isnt it beautiful? Well, credits to the photographer as well. . . . . rite?

Lame Joke #5

SC: Amy, what is your chinese name?
Amy: Erm, Hen Mei Li.
SC: I mean seriously ok?
Amy: Haha, erm, Hen Ke Ai.

Next we were getting ready to go Pattaya!! Stay tuned as I dun hv the pics now haha!

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