Monday, May 3, 2010

One fine saturday

Perfect with sunlight and warm breeze.

Perfect for dressing up in florals and going out without a destination in mind.
As usual I take every opportunity to put on my colour lenses and be all happy.

After all colour lenses mask the effect of additional weight (I truly believe so).

We drove all the way to Collingwood for a Japanese breakfast place discovered by WenJi. It was quit a long drive and all for a nice Japanese breakfast. I was really intrigued as you see a lot of Japanese restaurants but none specialising in breakfast! Immediately I was having flashbacks on the yummylicious breakfast we had in Hakone last year!
The cafe is called CIBI. Nested in between of what must be warehouses (?), CIBI is easily miss-able. In fact there is no big signboards, just a humble little standing board. But, people bustle in and out of this place.
It took us some time to get a table as they do not accept bookings there. Once in there, I realised that it is actually a Japanese+Western fusion cafe. You see a few Australians serving the tables while a few Japanese ladies tend to the kitchen.

They offer a range of teas and naturally I chose one of their green teas.

Quirky ornaments adorn the whole shop. In fact there is an art gallery consisting or glassware/porcelain/ traditional Japanese toys atttached to the cafe.

An excited pro-Japanese cuisine Alice Springs inhabitant.

Puffer fish.

See in real life I do laugh like this. Wah the first very 'ladylike' picture of me!! Even for that very milisecond I was a lady!

It was almost like a girl's day out - just almost.

A day before Alice Springs was on his itinerary.

This is the Traditional Japanese Breakfast.
Isn't it lovely? Although not in little bowls and containers or a tray, they small portions and variety definitely reminded me of Hakone.
The salmon was amazing, really really amazing. In fact, one of the best I have ever had. The omelette was great too and I love my Japanese omelettes.
Ray ordered a Tofu Burger in Teriyaki sauce and it was the bomb! The bun was crispy but chewy in a good way and before you think of the tofu being bland as compared to a huge-ass chunk of beef or fried chicken, let me tell you that it was not but in fact bursting with flavour. Definitely a must-try!

CIBI is a good place to just hang out and talk with friends. The casual and easygoing vibe they offer really makes a difference. I am contemplating to bring my Lowena to CIBI instead of Mart130 for breakfast hmmmm.
So much so that we made a trip to Alexandra Gardens for a second round of catch up.
This is what happens when you think the sun equates warmth in Melbourne. You under-dress and suffer and risk appearing un-macho.
Parks and gardens are always lovely on a sunny day. What makes it lovelier must be french fries, chocolate cakes and scones.
A half eaten florentine biscuit was momentarily forgotten as conversations continued on. . .

There is something devilish about how sharing food makes you eat more.

According to Jess, something seems very wrong in this picture. Pay attention to the extensive number of hearts. And for the ease of everyone's mind and justice to Ray, the phone is mine.

In my defense, I am usually a very nice girlfriend and Ray was smiling.
Friends I have, taking pictures of me like that.

Guess for the rest of my life I will just have to take pictures of myself :(

Ducks and eels swimming under the sun.

Autumn is definitely approaching :)
A whole table of Iphone freaks.

It was a normal and mundane day. But what I would give to live it all over again :)

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