Friday, May 21, 2010

Poof I'm back!

I am back from my Wonderland! Poof!

After a week of lurking around in my own mind - I have bounced back to yay-ness.

What I learnt from this experience is - there really is a difference when it comes to people you care about. Especially when it comes to friends; while love for your own family is natural like how the saying goes - you can choose you friends, but you cannot choose your family; there are those who become like family and those who just can't.

For someone like me who is living away from home and family, friends become an important part of my life. Quoting a friend, " naturally form your own family unit over here...".

We make friends all the time; easier when younger and with less baggage, harder when older as we develop more in terms of personality, perspective and experience.

Over time, in the hands of fate, destiny, magic of dynamics, series of fortunate/unfortunate events, interaction - some friends do indeed become not like family, but family.

I recently realised how easy it is to know who these people are - it all lies in whether you care or not when shit happens.

It is all in how much effort you want to put in to:
- keep in touch: talking, whining, doing something stupid together
- correct wrongs: whenever the odd miscommunication/misunderstanding
- move forward together: forgive and forget all the while hoping to foster a better relationship

It is also in what you feel when something happens:
- happy: if something good happens to him/her or to both of you
- sad: if something bad happens to him/her or to both of you

And ultimately, what it means when you find yourself not caring.

There is much more to focus on than the negatives in life, now isn't it?


So since I have bounced back, lemme share with you some long awaited due to my emo-ness happenings in my life!

On one nice autumn day, Amanda, Joanne and Melissa invited me for a picnic with Dr Robin at Princes Park near their Parkville apartment. The weather was awesome and the temperature was just right for an autumn dress-up!

I borrowed this mustard cardigan from dear WenJi who has a library collection worth of cardigans of all colours, lengths, sizes and material. I am falling in love with the autumn colours :-)

Floral flowy dress with a mustard cardigan and hairbands with a tan fringe handbag - my perfect autum outfit. Less the tummy bulge sigh.

And of course the best confidence booster?

Colour contact lenses!

So after a series of unfortunate events - late train, naughty Shiro, bus replacing trams in the city and extremely sporadic, a very terrible flu - I finally met up with them! Oh and together with some seniors from Monash Malaysia. How cool? A biotechnology reunion. How cool!

And yes we talked about genetically modified bacteria!

A series of picture (cause I am too distracted watching Glee and crying :'( )

Till then!

What I cried about in Glee?

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