Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Point, Albert Park for steak

It's time for some tummy rumbling.

Thunderstorm was forecasted for that day so everyone rushed back from the city and we went to the city in the name of steak.

The place was the highly anticipated The Point at Albert Park. This came highly recommended by a few friends who tried it once using the Entertainment Book and proceeded to return again and again and again.
It is like Chez Olivier in my circle.
Starters as always is bread - plain, olive or wholemeal?
Complimentary entree, pumpkin mousse and salmon-wafer-thing. I loved the pumpkin mousse but was talking too much that they collected the salmon-wafer-thing before I could taste. Of course, I acted gracious like I didn't care.

Entree of Poached veal, tuna and anchovy cream, grissini rubata and black garlic vinaigrette.

350 gram pasture fed Cape Grim Scotch fillet, field mushrooms, creamed potato, baby carrots and The Point butter - the creamed potato was the most memorable part of the dish and the butter on steak, perfect combination never thought of.

250 gram grain fed Cape Valley Eye fillet with red wine sauce, Roasted bone marrow, with a side of heirloom carrots glazed with honey - Ray finished almost 10 baby carrots on his own. It was devilish, infused with rhubarb (I think).

Then the storm was over and we were full.

But writing this now, I fell hungry at 12.05 am. I see a storm coming to my waistline.

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