Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The good things which are all around us

I could pretend like nothing's wrong and write a post about the beautiful steak I had the other day.
But then I would not be pouring my heart out. If this blog acts as a release to me, then that would an escape.
Again, this year is wrapping up - have you had the chance to look back? Do you like what you see?
The majority of us would probably pick at the negativities first - gained 5 kgs, house broken in, fights with mum, failed interviews, non-existent savings - and yes, quite a few of those were drawn from personal experience!
And then what do you do? Sigh and proceed to mourn at our ill fate, lack of luck, incapabilities, laziness with the conclusion being, "I am just as bad as I was last year", and then move on with life oh life.
Now wait.
Did we miss something here?
Okay, we were looking back on life and counted the bad things and then we. . . . stopped.
See, we forget to look at the good things which happened. (Note: we see the bad ones everywhere whether we like it or not but we have to look for the good ones, because we are just blind like that sometimes)
What good things you ask? Like - the $20 lottery? The dog stopped barking at night? Mr Boyfriend surprised you with a little teddy? Mr and Mrs Parents are waiting for you at home? The road trip to Lakes Entrance, and it rained? Friends getting married?
Meh. Those are small stuffs and some of them happen all the time anyway, like parents waiting to nag me back home. Oh, and the $20 lottery win was enough for 10% of an Alannah Hill coat. Friends are getting married, not me, oh wait yikes, did I just make it sound like I want to? Lakes Entrance is like just 4 hours away, barely a trip.
The truth is, by thinking of the good things which happened in life as small and to happen all the time; we fail to apppreciate.
Tsk, if these are considered small stuffs, then how big could the bad stuffs have been? Like the positive weight gain and negative bank savings?
So take a moment to ponder.
All those times you thought the world was ending, did you feel thankful when things turned around or did you feel so victimised in the hands of fate that you still don't realise things have turned around?
All the tears you cried due to a broken heart, did you feel happy knowing that you have friends who would stick up for you or did you continue lamenting about loneliness in singledom?
All the extra weight you gained from snacking during revision week for exam, did you feel glad knowing that you passed your exams or did you start hating chocolates and exams just cause you only see the weight gain as your only achievement?
All the failed interviews or the worse-still non-respondent job applications, did you give yourself a pat at the back for your determination and the interview skills gained or did you just give yourself hell by thinking you are not good enough and no one would ever hire you (which you know is not true anyway)?
If you answered no to all those above, then you must be in a very negative environment and have gone through a very tough year with many days you thought you would never live through.
If that is so, congratulate yourself now.
Well, it seems like you made it through all that and the mere fact that you are reading this right now shows that you have made it this far.
Did you overlook this? :)

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Mizmanda said...

Hehehe, you want to know whats the thing I love most about you? Remember the times when you used to call me Little Miss Panic or something like that? You were always a radiant ball of positivity to me... And you still are. =)

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