Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pearl Cafe, Richmond

I am all for the cereal+soy milk combo. Easy-as-bam and tasty-as-damn. It is like caffeine to my weekdays. Of course except for when there is kon lo mee, har mee etc available. Ahem.

But a girl's gotta be adventurous and venture outwards. Afterall, why give up a forest for a tree, eh?

So off we went to a new breakfast place.
Our destination was Pearl Cafe, 599 Church Street, Richmond. Pearl Cafe is the brainchild of Pearl Restaurant + Bar, its more upper-end AGFG counterpart, which is located just metres away. Pearl Cafe offers a more casual atmosphere but an equally creative menu.
I am a chocolate person. Period.
So if I order a hot chocolate and you give me three items, I will be over the moon. Especially, when one of them is chocolate chips! Oh the milk was a bummer but I am sure there are wiser people out there who actually appreciates milk.
Love the presentation although it began to take too much space towards the end.
I was watching my diet and wanted to get something light.
So I ordered chocolate french toast with maple syrup. ahhh.
WenJi ordered coddled eggs (a different version of poached eggs?) with mushromms and tomato (I think). Since all the breakfast came with coddled eggs it did not appeal to me much. I have a phobia towards egg yolks.

The food was not disappointing. The flavours play in your mouth and there is a lot of little treasures to look forward to in their dishes. I guess the most exciting part was waiting for the dishes to come out, not knowing how it would be presented :)
I say, give it a go on a slow Saturday morning while catching up with friends.

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Mel said...

*slurps* they all looked so good.. making me feel hungry!

hikari* said...

you are always hungry!

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