Friday, November 19, 2010

Love/Hate relationship with cleaning

After a long hiatus, I shall talk about a new love-hate relationship I have developed towards - house cleaning.

Love - the sparkly clean, no germs results.
Hate - the dust, the mold, the grit, the yuckiness.

For example, looking at the bathroom sink.

Hate - the brown, slimy grit around the edges.
Love - killing every single debris of it and flushing it down the neverland (toilet).

Looking at the white fur on the floor (everyday cycle).

Hate - Shiro (just joking!)
Love - sucking every bit of the fur which are begging for freedom into the prison of vacuum.

Looking at the dust on various surface.

Hate - the feeling of not being able to rid it from my body.
Love - squeezing the poor fellas outta the yellow cloth and into neverland again (toilet).

Looking at the splatters across the stove.

Hate - the greasiness and the shrivelled small chunks of food.
Love - getting rid of all these contaminations and making a mirror outta the stove.

Ahhh. Saturday just seemed more beautiful.

Hate - the hours lugging around in yellow gloves and greasy hair.
Love - feeling productive and home-y after it all ends!

Okay I am too tempted to say this although it might defeat the whole purpose of my post:

Hate - Doing it myself.
Love - Having someone else to do it for me!

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