Saturday, August 23, 2008


Hey almost-stranger.

When did you become one.
How did you become one.
What made you become one.


When did I start seeing you as one.
How come I see you as one.
What made me see you as one.

Where is the bond that once connected me and you?
I am pretty sure it was there not long ago.

I was trying to hold on to it, without looking too needy.
I was for a while confused, but then tried to reach out again.

Where were you.
Did you try to hold onto it.
Did you think the flow of time will eventually set things right?

Do you know that the flow of time can easily drown and erode everything?

Will the day come, when you finally become a . . stranger.
Strangely enough, feelings. . . they are always now or never. A split second thing.
It is now or never.

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