Friday, May 15, 2009

A new blogshop is born

Check this out! I am cool cause I have a CLOSE friend with her own blogshop.

Jeng jeng jeng :-)

It is called *Pieces and Colors* (please click here!)

While I dare not publish her pretty picture here without permission *ahem* (we are really close friends okay!), let me assure you: The styles in her little blogshop bound to grow big are very much HER in every sense. Quirky, eclectic, everchanging and stand-outish.

A very simple and clean layout oozing with HSCness.

So don't wait anymore as you are just a click away! I would love to do a LOOOOOOOOOONG coverage of this CLOSE friend of mine, but I wonder whether she'll like the idea haha.

By the way, anyone remember about hikari's closet-o? Buahaha, still alive okay?

In fact, I am thinking of trying out something new sometime soon. Seeing how almost 50% of my readers are from Malaysia, I am thinking of using my incredible bargain hunting skills to rake up unique pieces around Melbourne from the many vintage/craft markets and local designer stores and selling them from hikari's closet-o.

After nights of scouting around for special fashion online, I realized I would love to see a store like this and lay my hands on romantic items from Paris or kawaii pieces from Japan.

Will see will see.

But first off, anyone care to tell me whether they would be interested? Should I go ahead with this idea?

2 Hikari*fications!:

Shinyi said...

i'll help you hunt for rare and unique pieces!

hikari* said...

Yeah!! I always love your hunts! If you checked your blog, you would have seen my latest obsession for brown-ness as well!

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