Sunday, May 3, 2009

Love message

I found this on my window sill while cleaning my house on Friday.

Before you go "Awwww, how sweet!" or "Wow, Ray learnt a thing or two!" (for the ones closer to us or him), let me *cough cough* tell you all that -

WenJi was the one who wrote that.

1) The usage of 'Ray' instead of 'I'.
2) The handwriting.
3) Ray.

. . . Well, this is just not Mr Tan's . . . .hmm, skill.

I wiped it off in less than 5 seconds. SIGH ah.

7 Hikari*fications!:

blurblur said...


hikari* said...

Being LOL-ed on a Monday morning sigh. Monday blues max.

blurblur said...

wat's wrong with being LOL-ed on monday morning?? haha

Tarnos said...

Not bein so analytical does have it benefits doesnt it. Hahaha...

hikari* said...

It required no analysis at all!

blurblur said...

oh gawd.. she had google analytics pre-installed!

hikari* said...

Sweat. No analysis required. It is like knowing when you need to use the toilet - naturally know!

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