Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where did you come from?

With the internet age dominating our generation, it seems like almost everyone has an alter ego or virtual identity or at the very least, an MSN nickname.

The earliest nickname I assumed was Apple-something on mIRC. The reason: "She's the apple of *insert name*'s eye". And apples are sweet. And I love eating apples.

The second nickname I gave myself was Shaneta. Wahaha, this persisted for quite some time - to be precise over my WestLife era. Even my signature was 'Shaneta', tahu! Luckily I did not use it for any important documents and for some cruel reasons, be forced to use it till today at the ripe age of 22 *phew*

The final one is hikari*. Well, it actually evolved from hIkArI* to *hikari* to hikari*.
hIkArI* - Cause I liked the capital 'A' erm, haha, erm, for more A's in studies. Malunya.
*hikari* - Cause I thought it made it look cuter.
hikari* - Cause old already, still cute for what la.

The origin of hikari* is actually from the song Still Time from Gensoumaden Saiyuki. . .

". . . hikari no naka kimi ga matte'rusou shinjite'ru kara ima sugu ni. . . "
- I believe you are waiting for me inside the light

I thought that was a nice phrase and hikari* sounded really nice/sweet.

After a while, the light=hikari* evolved to mean light in the "light oppose heavy" sense : to encourage myself to shed those winter pounds.

This leads me to wonder about your alter egos/virtual identities!

Cepheus?? Eh this one I know.
Back to Basics??
DMM?? Naraku?? Eh both of these I know also, cause it was self-publicized! kyaa.
Sleepy Dragon??
PangKangNing?? Eh that is just her name haha.
Watermelon King? Eh he did not choose this himself haha.
Atlantis Princess??

How how how? Why so creative one!?!

I wanna know . . . . Especially when someone used the keyword 'aestron choo' twice to come to my blog haha.

4 Hikari*fications!:

ZZ said...

my alter ego is..... .. .. *pa pa pa pa*
*drumrolls* ....
Ultra Doraemoz!

Ultra from Ultra man, one of my favourite childhood cartoons..


Doraemoz for
Doraemon (my childhood companion + hero) with my name combined... and hence...

Voila... Doraemoz...
cool huh?


hikari* said...

That's funny!! But I think my Shaneta still rocks the most haha.

ZZ said...

I was just kidding, i wouldnt have come up with such lame name.. dun take me too seriously.. i m not that lame, unlike certain somebody... >___>

hikari* said...

Yeah, I equated u to lameness back in MUFY. Oops! Lemme correct myself - I EQUATE u to lameness even now.

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