Sunday, May 3, 2009

Buffin' Muffins

I baked 12 muffins yesterday! The left ones are banana flavoured while the right ones are chocolate flavoured!

It took me just 40 minutes as I baked them from prepacked muffin mixes from White Wings (sounds like a sanitary pad brand eh?)

I added premium chocolate chips, milk and white chocolate chips, brought back from Perth by Olivia. They came out as melted goodness within the muffin itself mmm.

I added raisins into the banana ones and topped with some cereal, to provide the crunchy feeling.

Marshall is always a happening place. I tend to announce my achievement to others. So within minutes, all muffins were booked out :-) I made small little flags to represent their ownership.

Melissa ordered through MSN - first to order sweat. WenJi, my PA, is going to deliver it to her during lunchtime today!

WooHsian was around as we were gonna go for a jog together at Jells Park. But he has a better picture of this muffin at his blog. Yer. I really need to start using my camera again and not my phone camera!



The muffins with flags. Oli then ordered a banana muffin and Ray gobbled up a chocolate one before dinner and took another banana one for lunch tomorrow. Fern came home later at night and took a chocolate one for work today as well!

I love spreading baked happiness to everyone muahaha. . .

. . . now for the $4 for the muffin, everyone. . .
On another note, among all Facebook statuses or MSN statuses I have used thus far, this "Muffins! Banana or Chocolate for you?" received the most reply. Speaks for itself eh, Serene, ShinYi, Steve, Sam!?
Can anyone guess why I went 'running' at Jells Park yesterday with Ray, WenJi and WooHsian?

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blurblur said...

where's mine??

hikari* said...

where's my chicken parma?

blurblur said...

walaoo how did u..... omg if I did tell before how can you still remember it after so long??!?

hikari* said...

Cos u r popular haha. And it is abt food :-)

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