Monday, May 4, 2009

Ghost story

"There was this taxi driver who was driving through a cemetery on a dark, foggy late night. He was alone when he suddenly saw a girl flagging for his taxi. She had long dark hair and was wearing long white robes. She got into the car.

Taxi driver (TD): Where to, Miss?
Lady (L): XXX (insert address)

Halfway through his driving, he looked back to peek at the girl as she was abnormally silent. Looking into his rear mirror, he saw no one at the back seat. She had disappeared. Shocked and terrified, he braked immediately.

He looked into the rear mirror again and this time he saw her, with her nose bleeding.

TD: Ah, where did you go just now?!
L: I wanted to pick my nose but was afraid you would see so I hid behind your seat!
TD: Then why is your nose bleeding!?
L: Who asked you to brake so suddenly?! "


One of my favourite stories from primary school xD

Still funny!

Anyone has any classic stories? I love collecting stories!

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Tarnos said...

Talking bout ghost stories I received this in the forwards a few weeks back. I think they were showing this on TV or something. Funny. Lol.

blurblur said...

haha. nice one.

hikari* said...

Tarnos: I'll wait till Ray is around before I click on that link.

blurblur: Have you not heard of this story? Damn popular during my primary school period!

blurblur said...

even if i do i don't remember at all, lol.

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