Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let's crazy bet on the weather

The weather in Melbourne has been crazy, like this is news to anyone, really.

I woke up to two mornings of fog. Crazy fog.

As in I couldn't even see the 2-minutes away McDonald's kind of crazy fog.

Can you spot the McD sign in this picture?

These pictures were taken while going to work at 7.20 a.m. By the time, I emerged from the office which was at 2.30 p.m., it was a different story.

The crazy sun was shining and underneath my coat it was crazy hot.

Until yesterday, the weather was still crazy nice. Perfect blue skies and cool breeze kind-of crazy goodness.

It was crazy how for once again I have to seek for shade instead of hogging a spot of sunlight for warmth.

The nice weather really went to my head as I started taking pictures of my self and had crazy thoughts - "I think my face is rounder, winter neh?" and "Woohoo, that means my body looks relatively thinner, until winter neh?"

With Eric coming over and us meeting up on the 1st of June, I wonder how the weather will be like?

Anyone wanna make a bet, the winner gets a free meal for Eric nyahahaha!

(I must be going crazy from all the work this week *faint*)

. . . but I bet on foggy/cloudy on 1st of June still. Challengers?

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