Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The 2003 KFC Promise

There was this day back in Form 5 when Po Wah said, "Let's come back for a reunion here in KFC 5 years later!"

That was in 2003.

The 2008 five years later came and went, with no one remembering that 'date'.

But even if we are to remember now,

I will be going to KFC Melbourne.
Steve will be going to KFC Brisbane.
Choo will be going to KFC Sunderland.
Po Wah, Tshun, See Yeng, Ting, Loong them will be going to KFC KL.
Shuk Ye will be going to KFC Sandakan.

. . . and the others going to the many other KFC's all around the world.

So when will this 'date' happen?

Or is the most we can do to take a smiley picture of ourselves having KFC on the same day, despite being in different places?

Let's all have KFC Day one day, why don't we!

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