Saturday, May 23, 2009

Women Everywhere

I love how jogging makes every bit of your body tighter.
I love how a bit of make up makes your features look more striking.
I love how dressing up makes you feel more confident.

I hereby, promise myself that no matter how old I become, how busy I become, how domestic I become - no matter what, I am going to remember the three points up there.

"Once a woman gets married then she can relax from all the exercising, making up and dressing up, and be a good wife and mother".

"You already have a husband/boyfriend, it must be so nice to not have to look your best all the time".

Honestly, I dislike such mindset.

1) I want to look good for myself. Secondary to this, is of course to impress but! It comes down to feeling good myself.

2) I would want to continue looking my best for my partner, wouldn't you?

Sometimes I see a young family walking around in Chadstone - late twenties man in a washed-out print T-shirt and slippers, late twenties woman eating an ice-cream in an over-sized T-shirt clutching an overstuffed bag filled with diapers and drinking bottle, a young kid running around with chocolate sauce on his face screaming.

The point here is: I never ever wanna be like said woman in that over-sized T-shirt and still eating an ice-cream.
I am not being critical here but hey, there is definitely something said woman in this example could do, right?

She could exercise. She could diet. She could take more time to dress up.
But, no time! No money! No encouragement! No help!
Really? Then at least throw out the ice-cream?
I believe it all comes down to the mindset.

With how the world is becoming so busy and women assuming more roles in the society, it is so easy to fall easy prey to becoming a yellow-faced woman (wong min po) or a plain-housewife. But really, does anyone even want to become one or have the ambition to become one?

What is with my sudden interest in this topic?

My Mum used to be totally unbothered about her appearance after giving birth to me and my Sister. And my utmost apology, our arrival gave her an extra hectare around the hips and abdomen.
Quoting my YiMa, "I have never thought about dieting or exercising before. If I get fatter, then I'll just get a larger T-shirt." Quoting my Mum, "I used to eat at least 3 durians every Tuesday and Thursdays with Auntie Karen and YiMa!"

If not for a turning point in their lives, both these women would probably remain like this and because of this, me and my Sister would probably be dressed in super lala or super kolot clothes right now, wondering why thighs are not beige but black in colour while detangling our bushy eyebrows.

Actually, Lowena might still be applying Baby Oil onto her hair to fashion her 'Cream Tart' style while continuing her collection of advertisement oversized T-shirts and going to tailors for jeans her enormous size.

Erm. To be fair. Acutally, I might still be resenting sleeveless clothes for being too sexy and high heels as too dangerous while my hair remains an enormous tangle of the unknown.

Mum and YiMa started eating more healthily and exercising. They started visiting local boutiques again and talking about cosmetics again.

At the same time, Lowena starting shedding off her pounds and Me my shaggy hairdo. This could't be a perfect coincidence, right?

In fact both these ladies look amazing right now.

Every single one of my friends have commented on how young/pretty/fit she looks and trust me, she is damn proud about this.

The same goes for my YiMa. I ask for her advice in everything - from lingerie to mascara. And! She always has an opinionated answer.

What did my Mum and YiMa sacrifice to attain all these?

From an honest account - money (the slimming-effect dress and haircuts at GDO), time (15 mins of make-up and 60 mins of yoga), energy (cardio and brainpower thinking of what to wear).
From an honest alternative persective - Are these really sacrifices? I personally think they gained health - physically (exercise), mentally (confidence) and socially (relevance to the society).
I would die to look like what my Mum is right now by her age.

It is no miracle or unfairness that some women look better with age while others don't - while genes help - it is the mindset that changes everything.
I hereby promise myself that, I am going to look as hot as if not hotter than my Mum by her age right now. *Heso!*

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Mizmanda said...

Yeeeaaahhh!!! This is really true. Having 3 older siblings that are at least a decade older than i am - i truly believe what you said is right & IMPORTANT. muahahahaha.

Kudos to us in the future! whee!

hikari* said...

Yeah, we shall keep an eye on each other for now and always, yeah!?

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