Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lo Transformations

Being on an internship with most of the work to be taken home, most days I am like this:

Wrapped up in my usual combo of sweatpants+jumper+thick socks+glasses. Sitting on the same old chair. Munching on yoghurt, biscuits, cereal, chocolates, bread, candies, apples and oranges before cooking up a storm at 5.30 p.m.

But occasionally, PajamaLo will get the chance to transform herself and this gets PajamaLo very excited.


I still have workwear new in my wardrobe and this year being my first in the workforce (ahem, still not really in yet), the field of workwear is still one I have yet to explore and conquer! I love thinking of what to mix and match. I love making up. I love venturing to the city looking chic.

Funnily, the next few photos look as if I have m head attached onto my body. I think it is due to the high collar of my Zara coat.

Signing off, WorkahoLo.
Then there are times when PajamaLo has no choice but to transform to ShopahoLo. Facing the tempting lanes on shopping centres, braving the cold weather for outdoor shopping, unleasing the killer eye for discounts, snap-happy sessions in the fitting room.
The best part is dressing up for shopping! I go for the combo of t-shirt+jeans+slippers/flats usually. Cause this allows easy taking off and dressing up in the fitting rooms hence wasting no precious time. No unbuttoning, unbuckling, removing of complicated shoes, painful feet. Pure shopping bliss.

Signing off again, ShopahoLo!
Hmmm, what are other transformations I have?
Any clue?

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