Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taste of FAME!

This is Susan Boyle. If you have not heard of her amazing-ness already, please watch the video below right now.

Wasn't she amazing? I cried when I watched that video, you know. Inspiring and a constant reminder of how shallow people usually are when it comes to judging others around them.
Ever since she became famous, Susan has been undergoing a makeover. And looking at her latest pictures, made me always cry the second time. Behold.

This second picture is taken directly from and is actually the first picture I saw of Susan in a while. I almost choked on my cereal seeing that.

The reason?

. . . woot! Look Ma, my coat is famous and can sing like an angel!

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Tarnos said...

"how shallow people usually are when it comes to judging others around them"

U know this is also the reason why she is so famous. Its like a shock talent more than true talent I feel... Because we are judging based on a very lousy first perception to a good one? Just like Connie last year. Or reading very bad reviews of a movie, and expecting nothing... Even if the movie make u laugh a bit u will find it very good. Well, we'll see how far she can go. =p

babyglyniss said...

wow where did u get that coat from!!susan has a sense of fashion like a 20yo+ girl or the other way round? LOL miss you >.<

hikari* said...

Tarnos: Well, it's true but still all the same inspiring to me :)

Babyglyniss: Finally u reappeared. And please revive your blog! As for your question, please do tell me it is the former, not the latter :-(

blurblur said...

lol.. the infamous coat now.... :P

hikari* said...

And whenever I wear it, people will know sigh.

Weng Jean said...


hikari* said...

Great coat eh??

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