Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day Classic Run and Very Nice Cupcakes

Ahem ahem, I joined the 8 km Mother's Day Classic Run last Sunday. (Point(s): 8 km, Run, Sunday 8 a.m. morning). Even I surprised myself.

This is a special run with an aim of raising funds for breast cancer research, a cause close to my heart.

I decided to join this run due to the sudden and immense interest of close friends in running. Ngim et al in KL and Tan et al in Melbourne.

It is also partly due to being exposed more to the spirit of running. Haruki Murakami's candid writing about his running experience and Kenny Sia as well.

So, semangat-ful, I signed up for the 8km (longest distance) Run along with a timing tag, an official T-shirt and a heart of burning passion! As I signed up weeks before the actual day, the semangat burnt off bit by bit - training, less training, emergency training, Star Trek the night before - and we went down to the city looking as zombie-fied as ever.

We were running a bit late so there was no picture whatsoever before the run. Except for this showing me queueing up to store my bad before starting the run. See the OCEAN of pinks!

There was an option to dedicate the Run for someone special - Mums, Breast Cancer survivors or figthers. I wanted to do that seeing it was Mother's Day but ended up deciding against it. 'Tribute/ Dedication to my Mum" somewhat felt a bit "tai ket lei si" or "Choi!".

This guy here dedicated it to LOVE. How sweeeeeeeet!

We got lost in the sea of moving people while looking for the starting line! In the end, we started after 8.30 a.m. while the crowd moved out at 8.20 a.m. Sucks!

The hardest part of the course would have to be the first 3 kms. For some reasons, the '1 km' milestone just did not appear even after what seemed like 30 minutes of run. For some other reasons, the '2 km' milestone did the same to me! For some more reasons, the '3 km' milestone did the same but worse, they were serving water and I could not drink water as I wanted to avoid getting abdominal cramps. Just in case you are wondering, I stopped and walked a million times during these 3 kms, heh heh.
Once I approached the '4 km' milestone, I felt better. "I'm 50% done," was my exact thought. Then I messed it up by taking the wrong lane and FINISHING up the race with the 4 km runners. It became weird when everyone rejoiced and hugged once they crossed the line of 4 km. And only then I realised. If you are thinking, why didn't I just follow the other 8 km runners so that I wouldn't go onto the wrong lane? Well, Miss Lo here quite slow alright? There was not a lot of runners around my standard, ahem.
Upon approaching the '6 km' milestone, I felt quite positive. Not only was I 75% done, there was a long downhill path for me to speed up a bit and probably save my time! '7 km' appeared and I felt invincible! I totally relaxed by the time I knew that I had only 500 m more to go and really just enjoyed the moment.
But. Maybe we were a bit slow. Cause, there weren't a lot of runners there nor were there a lot of people cheering. Bah! But, I was too excited to care la.
By the end of the race, we got ourselves goodie bags with tea, an apple and a medal inside! Look at my medal, Ma! So big!! Look like keychain somemore!

Only now that we have finished the race did we realise we needed pictures (evidence!). But my hair was already all greasy with middle parting and flyaways. But who cares! I ran 8 km!

The view along the course was amazing. Some shots of my favourite parts of the course.

There is always a pancake place whenever there are events. And under the towering trees this autumn, it looked expecially nice.

Not mentioning the view of family, couples and runners having picnics and sunbathing under green trees.

All in all, we were DAMN happy after completing the race and getting our goodie bags!

It was an amazing view nevertheless to see the long line of pink runners marching up along to Flinders Station after the Run.

Keeping up with tradition. We went for a BIG BREAKFAST after that. Me, WenJi and WooHsian. The truth is I don't remember the name of the place, but the breakfast there was not bad at all!

My French Toast with banana and maple syrup.

WenJi's Works Breakfast. Work it, baby.

WooHsian's *insert forgotten name* Breakfast!

We were very glad of our breakfasts!

I found a gem of a place~ at 7, Degraves Lane. A fancy store called Little Cupcakes! They sell lots of cute mini and big (normal) cupcakes - all perfectly decorated in such a delicate and detailed manner, it makes you squeal with delight!

Aren't they cute? Aren't they? The icing is not heavy at all or overly sweet. And the presentation? Perfect :-)

We went home happy little runners :-)

. . . .to another surprise at my doorstep!

From who?

Oh, from Guru Besar Tan/ Headmaster Tan.

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Shinyi said...

Aww Raymond is so sweeet :)

ZZ said...

Wah.. semangatnya!!
And good job for completing the 8km run, i would ve given up by the 2nd or 3rd km.. lol

hikari* said...

Shinyi: Did he not sound like a teacher? But yeah it was sweet!

ZZ: Of course!! I was thinking the same thing as you during the 2nd and thirs km!

Naraku said...

i jelez, i wanna try running there too haha. gratz on your first 8 clicks! hope you get involved more in future runs! ;D

hikari* said...

It was so much tougher than what I thought it would be,...many thanks to the 'picture' you painted me! Gymming and running outside - definitely very different!

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