Thursday, April 30, 2009

A City Trip

After a week of Clayton-ness and home with a housemate on study-leave, a trip to the city seemed eventful and exciting. Seeing how my internship requires me to go down to the city once a week, usually I would have lined up activities such as lunch date, dinner after work or just a muffin-together meeting with friends around the city.

I wore my dark purple blouse and cream Zara pants. I lurve the cutting and comfy-ness of Zara pants. Too bad they only had one of my size left which was totally understandable seeing how they were having sales during then.

One challenge however is: What coat/scarf/ shoes to match with this pair of pants?

I ransacked my whole wardrobe before asking permission to 'look' inside WenJi's wardrobe. Black was too much of a contrast, cream on cream made me a huge walking marshmallow. In the end, I settled for grey. But but but, I still feel there is a shade out there which can be more spectacular. Any insights, girls?

The weather was gloomy and sky was grey imparting a sense of greyness on everything - me, the pavement, the approaching train. It was just sunny yesterday. But oh well, that is Melbourne for you. But I consider myself lucky cause after speaking to Mel later during the day, I realised it was as bad as 3 degrees earlier in the morning. Wah.

The train ride to city takes around 40 minutes. Since I boarded the train at around 11 am, it was quite empty and comfortable. I really don't mind being on trains. I love how it allows me to escape into my world of music with my trusted Sony MP3 player.

On train, you get to see lotsa interesting characters. The cute pink babies, the lady in red applying mascara, the heavily pierced teenager with guyliner on, the fluffy dog you wonder of what breed, the snoring tubby man in bright yellow and so on.

I saw this really cute baby and his/her doting young brother. I find it interesting cause despite his whole get-up which resembles a tough-guy wannabe (revealing his red Bart Simpson silk boxers, black leather cap and a skull pendant), he was playing 'gu jiak gu jiak'.

The loveliest of all? The sudden ray of sunshine. Aaaaa, the sun. (Not something you hear back in Malaysia!) Sun . . . sun!. . . .

. . . .*poob* then we entered a tunnel.

Hello Melbourne Central! . . . in formal workwear! I have always gotten down at Melbourne Central in the casualest or teenager-est wear ever. This time it felt different. Even walking into shops, retail assistants paid more attention to me. So much so that I had to exert extra effort in not being shocked-electric by a price of AUD280 for a coat which resembled one I got from Thailand at a price of RM20 (although it was of a lower quality but still!!)

In the end, I just bought some snacks from Aji Ichiban as a surprise for Mr Tan who would be going off for a night elsewhere for work, but still it costed me AUD 10! Why is everything so expensive nowadays!? Mana pergi keropok 30 sen??

A change of scene. From the quietness of Clayton to the hustle-bustle of the city. From the sweatpants and T-shirt students to the mini-skirt and platform-heels students int he city. From pyjama Me to workwear Me. Excitement excitement :-)

The aromatic temptation from stalls of all kinds.

The colourful characters, concrete buildings and machines you see on the streets.

Interesting ideas everywhere such as this toy dog in the middle of the pathway which was to catch the attention of dog lovers and prompt them to donate to a charity involving giving dogs a home.

The tapping sound of the traffic lights whenever pedestrians cross the roads and trams running up and down the streets.

The workwear and being on the busy streets suppressed my cheesy all-time grin into a smile. Very weird smile.

I was waiting for Mr Tan to arrive from Docklands. And how disappointing. We have never met up in the city both in workwear before. Because he had to go off somewhere straight after work, he was in jeans cherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

We went to the nearest Japanese place for lunch. Kimurakan on Little Bourke Street, the same one I went with Glyniss and Eric last year.

I think we must be the contestants from The Biggest Eater: Couple Edition. Instead of ordering one bento or lunch specials like what couples usually do, we ordered two. One for each of us.

See the small packet of snacks I got him? AUD 10 okay!

Our respective territories. No la, actually we have a habit of picking on each others' food. He used to be quite polite and asked before taking, but gone are those days. Now it is more like, "Eh, where did my jelly go!?".
Bet he was thinking, "Easy prey".

And I was thinking, "Wah so scary, such a big portion, how to finish??"


An omnivore. (him)
A carnivore. (me)
A happy tummy.

After that, I met up with Mel who was kind enough to accompany me to get an extra Mayday concert ticket for Mr Tan. I was given a survey form asking me what artists do I wish to see coming to Melbourne in the future.

1. Glay

2. Guang Liang (for the sake of WenJi laa)

3. Utada Hikaru (so that Steve can get mad)

Finally, I went for my internship. This is the building. I think it is really special as it is the only red-brick low building among all the high-rise glassy, grey-esh platinum buildings.

The front door.
After my work, I met up with Yani and we sardin-ed back to Clayton in the train to attend our coursemates' graduation ceremony. Took some pictures, seen some changes in friends and caught up with most of them. Hoping for some alumni event soon!
After dinner at Malaysian Garden with Chitz and Yani, where we talked as much as we ate, I was finally able to kick off my 'apparently' most comfy pair of heels and shower!

A glimpse of my smudgy eyeliner and panda eyes and toilet I am gonna clean today!
Today will be housecleaning day for me boo. You won't believe how messy my house is right now gosh! Do you want to seeeeeeee?

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