Thursday, April 16, 2009

Inherited Taste in Men?

Over the years I have realized that me and my Sis share quite a similar taste in guys.

Together our first crush was Mamoru Chiba from Sailormoon. I fantasized myself as Sailormars getting together with Tuxedo Mask while my sister. . . I am not sure what her storyline was :-P We would spend hours talking, drooling, dreaming Tuxedo Mask. And sometimes cursing Sailormoon, our arch nemesis.
After that, together we fell for Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi. Watching religiously every weekday at 5.30 pm on AXN and screaming like schoolgirls the moment Tamahome appears during the opening song.
However, after that that, we both had enough of falling for the same guy and fighting over it. So, subconsciously we tried to differentiate our own individual choice for guys . . . sometimes, deliberately.

The first sign was when we both went crazy for the UK boyband 911. I immediately announced my crush on Lee Brennan the lead singer and told my Sis she could only choose between Spike or Jimmy. Wahaha, don't torture yourself trying to remember who these two other were, in fact you might not even know my Lee Brennan oops. Anyway, my Sis settled for Jimmy.

Sis: At least he can dance and rap, rite! (HE can meh!?)

Me: Yeah, Jimmy not bad mah. But Lee looks so cute and young despite him being far older than me, we will still look almost of the same age when we get together when I get older.

The point here is: I did not allow my Sis to fall for the same man!

The next sign of this happened when my Sis declared her undying love for Rukawa Kaede from Slam Dunk. Complete with cheerleading and the chanting (you know what I mean). I professed my love for Sendoh instead. In an equally enthusiastic way. But let me reveal a secret here *ahem*

Actually I liked Rukawa initially and not Sendoh T.T But. Just because my Sis liked him first, I decided to 'like' Sendoh instead. Then after a while, I watched the episode where Sendoh took down team Kainan as a one man team and poof - I really love Sendoh already suddenly. The point here is : I avoided liking the same man as Lowena.

After that, it came to Westlife. I went for looks first and liked Nicky. My sister, don't know why (cannot be something deep like voice or personality), liked Shane. After submitting two drawn portraits of Nicky for art class in high school, I came to realization that I loved Shane actually - that amazing voice and cute teddy bear smile. Slowly I converted la. Then my Sis bailed out of Westlife haha. "See I told you Shane better la!" said she. The point here is: Now my Sis avoided liking the same guy as me!

After all this fictitious encounters, of course, came the real life deal. I think due to years spent 'differentiating' ourselves, our first boyfriends were totally different. Skin colour la, language la, background la, height la, school la, whatever la.

So, 'differentiation' process successful?

Her brief encounter with Glay saw her liking Hisashi instead of my Teru. (tick)

Her later obsession with American TV hunks while mine with Japanese stars of all kinds. (tick)

Her love for Tidus from Final Fantasy X and my love for Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. (tick then untick)

Her Sasuke, Me Kakashi. (tick)









Well yeah, until everyone started saying since this year -

"Wah, Ah Kah (me) and Ah Lok's (my sis) boyfriends look very alike oh!"


Seriously, do you really think they look alike????? [Click here for my Sis's boyfriend and scroll down randomly for a pic of my Mr Tan :-)]

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