Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What teachers I remember

You know the saying that goes, "Teachers only remember students who are exceptionally smart, dumb, beautiful and ugly"?

Well, "Students only remember teachers who are exceptional" as well.

Exceptionally colour coordinated. I used to have this Science teacher during high school who is a pro at this. Green blouse with green ribbon. Blue blouse with blue ribbon. Red blouse with red ROSE in hair.

Exceptionally quirky. Loud and cold at times. Funny and warm at other times. Throwing random topics at all times. I remember her telling me how proud she was to still have a flat tummy during her late twenties. During then, I was still thinking, "Doesn't every have a flat tummy, duh?" Well well well. Stupid me for being so naive and at the same time failing to have a flat tummy in my early twenties! I believe all who have been in her class remembers her. And with her sense of humour, even I who is the timid-est of mankind dare to put her name here - our dear Miss Leong :-) Missing the times with her.

Exceptionally temperamental. This teacher of mine is the textbook definition of PMS - all year long, 24/7 thank you. She could be so damn warm and approachable this minute and totally icy cold and harsh in the next minute. The teacher our class monitor Eric made a hobby out of apologising to haha.

Exceptionally straight hair. *sound effect - fung fung fung fung* Hehe. Anyone remember this?

Exceptionally embarassing stage moment. "Selalu pergi Milimewah, 'honey dew' saja!" "........." He meant to complain about students dating in the local mall and I think, I am just making a very logical guess, he wanted to say 'honeymoon'. Am I right?

Exceptionally awesome handwriting. I showed the page with his writing in my Primary 3 report card to everyone in my family. As good as computer typed and as cursive as Jennifer Lopez. I still remember his name - Cikgu Ika! Where art thou?

Exceptionally 'counselling'. I wonder if she is only memorable to me? She sent me to my one and only counselling session and it was not for any sort of 'counselling' but more of an interrogation of why why WHY did I make the nice guys from the class next to mine not join her camp. Hence I remember her. And a certain schoolmate of mine who escaped to UK grrr.

Exceptionally smooooooooth. Everything about her is smooooth. The way she handles things, the way she presents herself. I really can think of no other better word for this teacher. From the way she walks to the way she talks (while assembly) - catching every boy's attention. From her pop song/Cleo quizes for English class to answering naughty questions from boys in Biology class - making every lesson interesting. I guess you all know I am talking about Miss Franky here. At least the boys do . . . . .

Exceptionally nice to boys. Rotan in sewing class for girls. Sunshine smile for accounting class with girls and boys. Pffft. This category comprises a few, actually 2 of them la. Go figure!

Exceptionally sporting. I guess he must be the most open-minded and adventurous and encouraging headmaster in Sandakan back then. Without losing his authority of course. Always such a sport and never hesitating to mix around with his students. Somewhat like a GTO (he is on his way haha). Doesn't hurt to name names when my memory is this good - Mr Henley!

Just like the way teachers only remember the ones who stand out in school, the students only remember the teachers who stand out in school as well. Especially when they stand out for a bad cause. How sad.

I bet I was remembered as a brat in primary school. Probably not remembered during Form 1-3. And re-remembered in a more positive way (I hope) during Form 4-5.

I think la. . . .

What other teachers do you think are memorable? Someone I ought to have mentioned? (I am a bit too sleepy now to venture into my uni period)

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