Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have always wanted to look like a very Chinese girl.

When I say this I mean fair skin with long silky black hair, almond eyes and a tall lanky body. Among these characteristics, one of the most important one would be the hair.
It has to be long and straight. Long fringe pushed to the back of the ears. Ends of hair so straight and perfect it resembles a cosmetic brush.

Yes. Just like Glyniss, Eva and Donna back in high school. Just like Amanda and Su-ee back in uni.

But as my friends would know, I am far from that. In fact, I had an interesting hair history.

When my Mum first laid eyes on me, she thought I was abnormal cause my ears appeared to be pointy. Just like Legolas *hoho*. In a small, wet, wrinkly kinda way *haha*. She then realised that the 'pointiness' was actually a result of hair which were still wet around my ears. I was a hairy baby.

My Mum started applying conditioner to my hair ever since young (around age 1) cause my hair was so rough and tough that it literally stood up defying gravity.

From ever since I could remember, my Mum had been introducing me to all kinds of means of hair removal - cream, shave, wax - just so that I could work the mini-skirt or shorts.

I grew from hating being hairy to thinking it was merely inconvenient to be hairy to being thankful for being hairy.

The latter part was because I had a surgery on my head when I was in Primary 5 where I had to shave off a small part of my hair. Although the doctor said I might not have hair growing from that spot, the strength and zeal of my hair genes defied all norms and science by not only sprouting more new hair over there but in greater volume. (What the doctor said did not affect me a bit back then, but if I were told I would lose a patch of hair now, I would cry, man, seriously)

Despite so, I have always wanted the long silky hair Chinese girls are supposed to sport!

So as soon as permanent straightening was in the market, I went for it! I did a total of 3 times in a year, but they always regained their curl and volume within a month or so.

In the end, I gave up on this quest. Sniff.

I spent the next few years, curling, colouring, cutting short, making it spiky. Until this very year, I thought - I want very Chinese Girl hair again.

So I straightened my hair again and waited for the fringe to grow. After less than 3 months of no haircut (save money haha cause I made a silly promise to not to go for a haircut unless I land a job and since I got the internship, I thought I could have a fringe only cut), I looked like this.

. . . . Not Chinese Girl at all. The 'feeling' is not there geh. In fact, I looked like Aaron Kwok back in 1990 yet again cher. (I was even smiling without showing my teeth to look more 'si men')

So I went in for my fringe cut after my internship for the day ended. When the hairdresser suggested a side sweep fringe, Miss Berani Lo said she wanted blunt bangs. Thick blunt bangs. I wonder why I said that cause the hairdresser shot a polite stunned look before proceeding to tell me, she would give me something similar to what I wanted which would suit me better. Not mentioning in a sweet Japanese voice.

Ta-da. I was wearing something formal, so I looked like an over-grown school girl with those bangs. Doesn't help that I am 'a bit' shorter than the average people around me.

In fact, this bangs enhances the Mickey Mouse-ness of the Mickey Mouse T-shirt my Dad bought me. And the Astro Boy-ness of the Astro Boy coat I have.

And there I was telling everyone that I was changing my image from 'cute' to 'sexy'. Trust me, the failure lies in this new fringe ONLY.

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Glyniss said...

i like ur fringe!! grow ur hair and make it light brown and we'll look like twins when we're together! >.<

hikari* said...

Haha, as if. Maybe do some liposuction and face reconstruction then we will look like twins :-)

Just thought bangs are easier to take care off. Can try cutting on my own.

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