Sunday, April 26, 2009

My new header!

After 3 new posts, I am more than ready to hit the snoozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze button (the z's emphasize the length of sleep). But lemme explain a bit about my new header!

I have been thinking of what to put as my new header since the accident of deleting the blue and cute layout (which was the beautiful work of someone else).

I decided I wanted to make this blog more personal so I wanted to make the header personalise me!

I tried getting a picture with a beam or light (hikari means light in japanese) but it looked corny and amateur-ish cause I have no talent in photography ma.

I tried photoshopping a picture of myself (hikari* is all about me after all) but I do not even have photoshop apalagi the skills for it.

So in the end I decided to doodle.

Anyone who knows me would probably know that doodling is what I do most of the time.

In class. Watching TV. Reading novel. On textbooks. On returned assignments. Of Rukawa. Or imaginary friends. Of ramen. To vent out frustration. To keep awake. For fun.

So tell me, does that remind you of me? (and all the good times we had together haha, like a pop song lyric haha)

2 Hikari*fications!:

mel said...

i like this blogskin! simple and nice :)

& oh my, u're good at drawing! I remember seeing one of Lowena's drawings (went kimgary with her & other friends once) she's good too!

It runs in the family i guess ;)

hikari* said...

Thanks! Lowena and I? Hmm, we used to major in different 'branches' - me in drawing Japanese manga and her in drawing Malaysian komik.


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