Saturday, April 18, 2009

Randomness galore

I have been working from 8.30 a.m. till 5 p.m. every single day. Sunday, my only rest day. And I am spending it playing Restaurant City on Facebook. Gosh, anyway, please gimme more ingredients and free furniture my Facebook besties :-)

I have so much I want to blog about!

So this is a random post dedicated to updating everyone about me Me ME!!!!

I miss eating crabs *sniff* Saw these big luscious (drooled even though they were uncooked) ones in Springvale last week. Gone were the days when I never appreciated seafood. Being from Sandakan, it had never been a problem to have crabs weekly or even every other day.
Some of my favourite crab dishes, which I think everyone should try, are:

- Butter crab with fried mantau at City Star Seafood Restaurant near Dataran Prima.
- Crab with Salted Egg Gravy at the late Extreme Park Chinese Restaurant.
- Crab with noodles at Pacific House near Richmond.

You know, I have a reputation for being an extremely attentive and clean crab eater (no meat left anywhere for sure!)


I have departed from my dormant lifestyle for the past month. Having to work everyday now, I noticed a few other changes I made:

- Waking up at 7 a.m.
- Waking up several times at night to check the time (kiasu not wanting to be late)
- Going out without any make-up :-(
- Wearing the same coat and jeans every day.
- Skipping breakfast (a very big deal to me!)
- No snacking throughout the day :-(
- Lotsa hand movement and injuries throughout the day *sniff sniff*
- Standing at least 7 hours a day.
- Seeing a cute boss 7.5 hours a day :-)


The weather is Melbourne is still as indecisive as ever. See the dark and bright clouds here.

I am still wearing the same jeans and sneakers walking to the same bus loop.

But I am no longer taking the free Monash shuttle to Caulfield for classes or exam. It dawned upon me that, things certainly have changed. I have started a new chapter in life, away from the comfort of being a student, protected by the university from the society.

Sometimes staring at that very bus stop while waiting for the bus, I can still see an image of me waiting for the free shuttle bus there, handful of lecture notes, earful of Glay.

Yesterday night, was a very special night :-)

I treated Ray to dinner for the very first time using my own hard earned money *tears* And it was so good that or in a more accurate manner, we were so hungry that we finished all the food without any snapshot of it.

Later that night, we went for Fast and Furious. And it was special cause - I put on make up and wore a dress for the first time the whole week! It was such an amazing moment :-) I absolutely love dolling up. That was the very moment I was definitely sure about this fact T.T
Btw, I am loving Paul Walker now. I hope my Ray O'Connor can have facial hair like his :-(


I love staying in my Marshall house.

It is always bustling with people, voices, activities - just like a very big and happy community centre :-)

Yiki and LiLet stayed here for a month when they were looking for a house. Daniel stayed over a night in the living room when his house was a bit too noisy. Oli, Ray, LiLet and others always come over for dinner together.

Other than people, we always receive stuffs - food, presents, random everythings. So this is a happy place :-)

I received a cute nightwear from Peter Alexandra from Yiki *yay!*

'We' received a box of very nice chocolates from Lindt Cafe Sydney from WooHsian *woot woot!*

The beauty of chocolates. I remember a certain lecturer saying this:
"Seeing how chocolates are so addictive and even helps release feel-good hormones (endorphin), it would probably be banned and labelled an illegal drug if discovered only now".

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