Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pink and Glittery

My casual work ended last Friday :-( That means I lost a day's worth of pay as I was supposed to work till Monday. Too bad we worked too fast.

That was a day when I wanted to be an angel.

So I rushed back home and made cupcakes to surprise Mr Tan.

Amazing what the pre-packed bake-in-30-minutes cupcake mixes can do. I spent only an hour to make these adorable cupcakes. Pink icing and edible glitter and all :-)

But the next time I saw my cupcakes was with Mr Tan scoffing them down while saying, "How did you know I was craving for sweet stuffs?"
A Kodak moment for me, him and 11 pink glittery cupcakes was gone in a poof.
What remains was this shot after half an hour, with four lonely cupcakes left.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I had an angel too.... T____T

hikari* said...

Consumers? 'sweat'

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